Self Promotion On Wikipedia Might Harm Your Reputation

The rise of social media has led to a large number of people wading waist deep in self promotion on all the popular social media sites. This behavior is encouraged on those popular sites, but not on Wiki page creation on getyourwiki. Surprisingly, some writers jump right in and start writing self promotion articles. Generally, this is because they did not take the time to read the Wikipedia guidelines. The fact is that contributors that write about themselves are actually harming their online reputation.

The Neutral View Point
Here is a fact to take note of before writing that self promotion article. Wikipedia prefers articles that take the neutral point of view. Certainly, it is easy to take this opportunity to boost your image. Consequently, it is extremely difficult to remain neutral. Wikipedia will definitely form a lower opinion of your writing and ability to write neutral articles. Thus, lowering your online reputation with a very reputable site.

Self Promotion Makes You Vulnerable
Writing about yourself opens you up to all sorts of problems. Perhaps, you were involved with a notable feat. However, another individual is aware of some less than notable behavior on your part, and decides to share it with the Wikipedia community. They edit your glowing article and add the less than favorable material. They back the material with references. The new edits are viewed by thousands online. Thus, doing more harm than good to your reputation.

Conflict Of Interest
Perhaps, you think that you could easily edit out all the negative information added to your article. Read the conflict of interest policy on Wikipedia. The COI policy places limits on a writer’s ability to edit out negative material from a self promotion article. The article is not yours to edit or delete because you don’t like the content. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid self promotion or face the consequences.

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