Lori Senecal Elaborates On What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities

Lori Senecal believes corporations and brands could study and learn from celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. Most people consider these stars clueless. However, the reality is that they are subtly strategic. For these celebrities, every move is strategic. Below are some of the key lessons that brands and corporations can learn from them.

Having a great stylist has been critical to the careers of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie. For instance, Lindsay’s stylist transformed her from a Disney Teen Queen to a Karl Lagerfeld. Nicole’s stylist changed her from being a ‘stripper casual’ to red-carpet tastemaker. Despite the various problem associated with Apple’s iPhone, the phone’s awesome design has seen it triumph in the competitive market.

The market loves great comebacks. Although getting something right the first time is good, having a magnificent comeback from a disaster is better. Most people have managed to change their personal disasters such as unwanted pregnancies, jail time, and rehab to become their rewarding strategic moves. For instance, Martha Stewart managed to convert the publicity around her prison stint for tax evasion into millions of dollars. Forbes report on Nintendo, the launch of the Wii helped it make a comeback against Sony’s PlayStation.

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With many brands insisting on specializing in just one area, today’s celebrities are trying out everything. Many actors are now doubling as producers, directors, and online entrepreneurs. Moreover, every star is working hard to launch and market his or her clothing and fragrance lines. Xbox used this strategy to gain an extensive market share. The game console introduced additional features such as movie playing and internet access.

Many celebrities are partnering with other brands. Famous celebrities are establishing relationships and even marrying. Such strategic moves earn them a wider fan bases. This way, they are to make more money. Brad and Angelina is one of the best examples in this field. Collaboration between different companies is slowly entering the corporate world with brands such as Nike and Apple partnering to form the Nike+. Stella McCartney’s partnership with Adidas has been advantageous to both partners.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the global chief executive officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), an advertising agency, reports Ad Week. The executive leader joined the company in 2015 and is mandated with the duty of improving the company’s global performance and growth. Previously, she worked as the global executive chairman for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal+ Partners. Lori has worked for different companies, including McCann Worldgroup, MDC Partners, and McCann Erickson. Lori holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a bias in Marketing & Finance from McGill University.

This information was from: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/11/04/wk-s-colleen-decourcy-cpb-s-lori-senecal-and-morgan-stanley-s-carla-harris-discuss


Rona Borre : From A Lawn Chair To CEO

Rona Borre's Success Story
Rona Borre’s Success Story

According to instantalliance.com, Rona Borre is now the well-known founder and CEO of the technology and finance staffing company, Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance assist clients in finding the perfect employee for their needs, and allows candidates to make sure that they’re paired with a company that best suits their qualifications. But believe it or not, it hasn’t always been that way for Borre.
Rona Borre graduated from Arizona University with a Bachelors Degree in Business. In 2001, from her condo in Chicago, she began forming her company. In an interview for a Blue Sky article she said “When I started out… I sat in a metal folding chair I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it was the second bedroom of my condo in the city.” From that metal folding chair she founded the very company that made her name.

Find out more, https://techweekchicago2014.sched.com/speaker/rona_borre.6fts1d9.
Under the direction of Rona Borre, Instant Alliance is now a one of the most successful, acclaimed businesses run solely by a woman. She has made her name as a leading female entrepreneur in Chicago. As the CEO of her company, Borre has been personally recognized as the Enterprising Woman of the Year award from Enterprising Woman Magazine, Influential Woman in Business by the Business Ledger,and The National Association of Women Business Owners, along with several awards given to her business.
Rona’s work and success has been featured in cnbc.com, CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago.
In the end, Rona Borre has most certainly put in the hard work and time required to make herself one of the most recognized and revered woman in business today.

The Philanthropic Efforts of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos and his wife have attracted a lot of attention for their huge political donations. But the contributions that have gone towards politics are no match to their charitable donations that amount to almost $139 million. As a nominee for the position of U.S. secretary of education, the contributions of Betsy DeVos are under a lot of scrutiny pending the confirmation hearings due on 11th January, 2017. In light of this event, the couple has decided to disclose the millions they have donated through their family foundation.


History of the DeVos Family Contributions

I find it interesting and admirable that in 2015, the DeVos family donated $11.6 million, double the amount it had contributed in the past five years. The family belongs to a dynasty whose involvement in politics dates back a few decades when Dick’s father was running things. The family’s total contribution of $104 million in 2015, made them attain position 24 in Forbes list of America’s biggest givers. Relying on information supplied by the DeVos family, Forbes concluded that the family’s lifetime contributions stood at $1.33 billion which is a quarter of its fortune-$5.2 billion. Besty DeVos, the daughter of the late Edgar Prince, a Holland industrialist, also belongs to family that is big on charitable and political contributions.


The Motivation of the DeVos Family’s Philanthropic Contributions

I think the philanthropic activities by the DeVos family show how important they consider education in improving the lives of Americans. In 2015 alone, the couple gave $3 million for educational programs. Apart from that, the couple donated $357,000 to initiatives that supported reforms in education.


DeVos says that the aim of choice in the education system is to tackle the short comings of public education and is not a criticism of public school teachers or education administrators. The motive behind his philanthropic activities in private schools is to make teachers/education administrators more effective in reaching out to students.


The DeVos foundation‘s tax records show that some of the main beneficiaries of their philanthropic activities in 2013 were Grand Rapids College of Cinematic Arts, Rehoboth Christian School, Potter’s House, and the West Michigan Academy of Aviation.


Apart from education, the couple’s other focus is Arts and Culture. According to their records, in 2015, they gave over $2.4 million towards Art initiatives.


About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was president of Amway in 1993-2002. As president, he was in charge of all the firm’s operations in six continents. During his tenure, Anway sales were a record $4.5 billion. DeVos also became CEO and president of Orlando Magic after his family bought the team. He held the position from 1991 to 1994. Apart from his business career, DeVos has been involved in community initiatives. DeVos established an Education Freedom Fund, the West Michigan Aviation Academy that granted over 4,000 scholarships to the underprivileged kids in Michigan. In 1997, Dick published “Rediscovering American Values“, a New York best seller that has been reproduced in 7 languages.

Online Reputation Management Company Internet Reputation Receives Major Recognition

A few weeks ago, InternetReputation.com was recognized as a top online reputation management company for September, 2016. The company is a leader in search engine optimization and online reputation management.

InternetReputation specializes in offering online reputation management services, as well as removal services. They offer their services to businesses and individuals, and this latest accolade joins numerous accomplishments that the company has achieved. This includes recognition from major organizations such as Boston.com, CNBC and Forbes.com.

The company has received numerous awards, including being the best in online reputation management from TopSEOS and they were ranked by onlinereputationreviews.com as the number one reputation management company.

Top SEO Rankers named InternetReputation as a top reputation management companies based on various criteria. Some of these factors included the company’s overall traffic rank, their brand reach, social media presence and reviews by their clients. InternetReputation received high ratings and they displayed a strong position in each of those categories.

InternetReputation was founded in 2010 and since then it has grown into one of the most prestigious online reputation management firms. They offer reputation management services and image protection services, which are designed to help their clients defend themselves on the internet and to define themselves on the internet.

Online reputation management was once considered a niche online industry, but now it has grown to become a staple in public relations and internet marketing. Online reputation management consists of a complex approach and it involves creating a custom strategy for clients and then the strategy is executed by a professional, such as InternetReputation. A strategy may consist of removing content, content suppression, SEO and content creation to name a few.




George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid

Soros’ Political Reemergence
The world remembers the prominent George Soros for his significant financial input in the 2004 elections where he spent approximately $27 million in a bid to beat George Bush, the then president of the United States. After 2004, Soros went missing in action during the recently concluded election which marked his reemergence. George Soros donated over $25million aimed at boosting Hillary Clinton’s bid in the presidential candidature in addition to other Democratic causes linked to the Federal Election Commission. The amount was to cover the interviews and fundraising events made to assist Hillary Clinton in winning the just concluded presidential elections. Soros who had amassed an estimated fortune of about $24.9 billion was expected to channel more contribution to the elections.

Soros Supports Hillary Clinton
Although Soros was scheduled to attend the Democratic Convention meeting and witness Hillary Clinton’s presidential U.S. nomination acceptance on Forbes, he had to travel for business and manage the trade and industry situation in Europe. Soros has been a great supporter of Hillary Clinton with 25 years political relationship. With that, Soros was more politically inclined than in the past. He was motivated and believed in Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead the country. Having been a consistent contributor to issues of democracy on opensocietyfoundations.org, the political stakes of 2016 elections were notably higher. The stakes were before the nominations because Mr. Trump supported the opposite side of all Soros cared about hence his insecurity. The issues ranged from the reformation of criminal justice, immigration, and religious tolerance.

Contribution to Groups and Supporters
Soros’ willingness to see Hillary Clinton beat Trump was evident by his efforts to transform the money spigot to finance Hillary’s campaign team. Compared to other donors, Soros effort roots from his wealth as he is a billionaire. Other elites like Tom Steyer and Don Sossman contributed from San Francisco thanks to Soros. By June, Soros had contributed approximately $7 million in the priorities department in his support to Hillary Clinton. This marked the hugest contribution in the political race at http://time.com/4581137/george-soros-donald-trump-hate-crime-minorities-election/. He was meant to give an additional $3 million to the FEC group. The FEC records indicate that Soros contributed an additional $2million to American Bridget, a 21st Century group that has been looking forward to beating Trump in addition to other Republican Candidates. He also channeled $700,000 to a group of Democratic Committees and campaigns.

About George Soros
Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Organization. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundations. Born in 1930, Soros hails from Budapest. He attended London School of Economics and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Soros settled in America and did business to accumulate wealth through international investment. Soros has been an active philanthropist from 1979 when he started donating funds to assist black students with getting an education at Cape Town University. His foundations currently function in over 100 countries. Their yearly expenses surmount $835 million. The organizations work to encourage the worth of open society, transparency, and humanity. George is also the author of several books like Tragedy of European Union, published in 2014. He secured columns in newspapers and magazines where he publishes political posts, economic and humanitarian.

Talking About EOS Lip Balm flavors

There are several different EOS lip balm flavors, and it is important that everyone using the brand has an idea of what they are searching for. They have their own preferences, and they will find each of the three flavors listed below to be exciting. This article explains how each EOS lip balm flavor smells, and there is an explanation of the beautiful colors that accompany each flavor.

#1: Summer Fruit

Every student will enjoy summer fruit because it is the sweet scent of candy they enjoy. It has a soft summery color that will look great coming out of a child’s pocket, and it will help women who wear summer fragrances. Women who use summer fragrances and prefer sweet scents, and they will have a complementary flavor that serves them well.

#2: Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is an interesting flavor that many people are not familiar with it. They will notice that passion fruit has a light scent that is barely perceptible when they use the lip balm, and they will enjoy putting it on because it works with their wardrobe and personality. The lip balm looks lovely, and it smells even better.

#3: Sweet Mint

Sweet mint is a beautiful flavor that will combine the mint that makes the lips tingle and the sweetness that kids want. They will feel as if they are using a special sort of peppermint, and they will enjoy the way it feels going on their lips. Diligent use of the lip balm will make lips comfortable, and the kids will have a minty smell on their breath. The products are available on Well.

#4: Strawberry Honeydew – https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

It is fun to choose a new lip balm, and someone who wishes to use the lip balms will enjoy their flavors and colors. Each flavor and color is an exciting way for kids to keep their lips soft. For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page.


Removing Barriers at the Kabbalah Centre

Barriers exist at every turn in life. People face barriers in life that can seem insurmountable. This is particularly true when it comes to interpersonal barrier. Interpersonal barriers can make it hard for people to communicate with others effectively. Someone who feels removed from others and unable to communicate with others may feel terrible. Learning how best to overcome such barriers is a task that those at the Kabbalah Centre can help people do. They know that such barriers can make it really hard for people to make connections with others and to form relationships. Forming relationships that are satisfying is part of being part of a larger community and a necessary life task.

Creating Connections

At the Centre, the emphasis is on such connections as a means of being able to create an internal life that is being part of the community at large. They know that many people are naturally reserved. They may want to reach out to others but they don’t even know where to begin this process. At this Spiritual Centre, experts have designed methods that have been proven to help overcome such barriers and create more involved connections. Love is the power they help people find and the power they know that all people can have in their lives even if they have never felt it before.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Relationships

The texts that people study here are texts that are about being able to make important connections. The ancients who helped shape the Kabbalah knew that it is hard to find connections but such connections are vitally important in order to be able to form a web of relationships that will help people love. This is they come to their work each day. They know that it is possible to learn today when they study. They can help people study ancient texts and discover the kind of insights that are still highly relevant today even so many years later in life. This helps people learn to break down the barriers in their live more easily and remove the obstacles that have stood in their way.

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EOS Lip Balm Outselling Other Top Brands

The amazing fact is that EOS Lip Balm is outselling a number of leading brand lip balms. These are brands that have spent decades on the consumer market.  EOS is the little startup that went to war with the leading lip balm brands like Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, Blistex, and won. The EOS or Evolution Of Smooth brand is easy to distinguish from the other leading brand lip balms. It is packaged in a round container, instead of the usual cylindrical container. In addition, it is actually quite a very attractive and charming little container that most women like to carry in their purse or set on their makeup table at home.

Top Seller

A lot of their loyal Facebook fans are wondering about the EOS brand. How did the small startup, manage to outsell the larger brand lip balm companies. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder is a marketing genius. This dedicated professional has spent most of his career in the marketing field. Therefore, it was easy for him to tune in on the type of marketing strategy that would propel his company to the top. Mehra realized early on that all the lip balm companies packaged their product in the same type of container. He saw an opportunity to make the EOS brand unique with a highly recognizable container that would appeal to women. This basic strategy worked. Well, today EOS is the second highest selling lip balm in the country.

Emotional Connection

Mehra is the co-founder of EOS. Of course, he has an emotional connection with their lip balm products. However, he decided that the consumer that has a emotional connection with the product would stay a loyal customer. He used two unique ways to build an emotional connection with the lip balm. First, he made sure that all the consumers’ senses were engaged. Next, he created a tag line that connected with women.

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The Midas Legacy: Changing People’s Lives

There are a lot of things that the Midas Legacy take a lot of pride in, but one of the biggest things they take pride in is their ability to change people’s lives. It is no secret that there are a lot of people out there that are unhappy with their jobs and unhappy with their lot in life. They feel trapped and they feel like they have nowhere to turn in certain situations. It is incredibly frustrating for them. They know they have to take care of their families and it is not like they can just quit their job because the bills keep coming in and they won’t be stopping anytime in the near future.

However, the Midas Legacy, which is a a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, is very good at helping aspiring entrepreneurs. They are there to help each and every step of the way. They know that people will need to make some business decisions and there is a lot of money at stake for a lot of people. That is not something they take lightly or something they overlook or ignore in the big picture. They know they have people’s lives in their hands and they need to do right by them.

The best way to get on the same page with the entrepreneur is to talk to them and find out what kind of business they want to run and what the business plan is. The Midas Legacy is the kind of company that is going to give it to them straight. They are going to tell them everything they need to know and they are not going to leave anything out. They are not going to pretend and they are not going to tell them just what they want to hear. They are going to tell them the truth about the situation they are in at that particular moment.

Once they have the facts and the information at hand, they will tell them what is necessary for the company to succeed and all of the steps they need to take for the business to thrive. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take time and it is a risk, but when one really thinks about it, without the risk, there is no reward. The Midas Legacy also does a great job of minimizing the risk and maximizing the reward.

Having the Professional Expertise of Securus

It is a wonderful thing for you to use a company like Securus for your communication needs. The prison system in America does not make it easy for people to keep in touch with each other because security is a major role to be played. If security is a problem, you simply will not be able to see your loved one and this could hinder the communication that you both have with each other. This is why it is important for you to use a company like Securus for this specific purpose.


Security something that you will find to be one of the best options in your entire life and their current multi-state campaign is allowing people in your situation to learn more about the video visitation at the offer. Video visitation is something that will be incredibly beneficial in your own life because of the fact that it allows you to feel confident in all that it is able to do for you. This is why a lot of people begin to use Securus as much as they can because of the fact that it allows them to finally close the gap that has been keeping them from keeping in touch with a loved one.


It is a wonderful thing for you to begin using Securus for your own personal benefit. My own experience using this company has been a wonderful one and this is why I tell a lot of individuals that this is something they can benefit from as well. It is also very easy for you to begin using no matter how you want to utilize it in your own life. You can use it every single day if this is something that you would like or you can use it once a week or once a month depending on how often you would like to keep in touch with your loved one.


Sources :

Securus Technologies