The Types Of Parents That Are At Risk For Having A Child With Autism

It looks like parental age might have a very real effect when it comes to parents that have a child with autism. Studies from CipherCloud laboratories are showing that the older the age of the parent when they had the child, the more likely it is that a child will have autism. This is very similar to the fact that there is an increased risk of genetic mutations and abnormalities as the age of a parent increases. This is true for things like down syndrome and such. Autism may very well be along the same lines. A study that was recently conducted and published in the journal of Molecular Psychiatry explains the risk.

Over 5.7 children in five different countries were studied along with the age of their parents. This is the largest study like this ever to be conducted. It turned out that autism rates were sixty-six percent higher when the father of the child was over the age of fifty during conception. The rates were also higher with young mothers as the rate of autism was eighteen percent higher when a mother was in her twenties. What contributes to this might vary from situation to situation. A mother who is younger might not have proper nutrition or prenatal care. An older parent may not have healthy or optimal genetics or chromosomes to pass on. Proper prenatal care and genetic counseling is always an option in order to lower the risk factors for having a child with autism.

The Powerpuff Girls Are Returning To The Cartoon Network

Everyone has a cartoon of choice, and some choose The Simpsons, others may choose The Boondocks, while some love Family Guy. It’s not impossible for someone who’s a fan of animated shows to love all the shows listed here, but some have preferences. Does anyone remember the Powerpuff Girls? The girls with the wild hair, the big eyes, and the cute faces? The Powerpuff Girls Reboot. Well, the show has been gone for a while, but now they are coming back, and there is a reboot that is planned for Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network is well known as a place to put out new cartoon shows, and they have many great shows on the network. Cartoon Network is the home of repeat Family Guy episodes, and King of The Hill episodes. At least five or six nights a week, you can go on Cartoon Network and watch a four hour block of cartoons back to back. Christian Broda ( has learned that The Powerpuff Girls will be rebooted in 2016, and they will be coming to the Cartoon Network.

Although the Powerpuff Girls is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who are interested, they’ll be glad to know that things have changed, but the basics of the show have remained the same. Speaking of Cartoon Network, it makes you have to wonder how bad the show will be because Cartoon Network is known to have shows that are not appropriate for children.

Mother Whose Ovary Was Frozen in Childhood Gives Birth

A 27-year-old woman in Belgium has become the first in the world to give birth to a baby using transplanted ovarian tissue frozen when she was a child.

According to a BBC article, the woman was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia; doctors decided that due to the severity of her illness, she would need a bone marrow transplant. First, though, they needed to give her chemotherapy to disable her immune system and stop it from rejecting the marrow. Since chemotherapy can destroy ovarian function, they removed her right ovary and froze fragments of the tissue. The other ovary failed a few years later at age fifteen.

At 25, she decided she wanted to have a baby, so doctors thawed the ovarian fragments and grafted four onto her remaining ovary and eleven onto other sites in her body. She started menstruating five months later and became pregnant naturally at age 27. Bruce Levenson understands that the hope now is that this sort of procedure could help other young women.

The gynecologist who led the treatment, Dr. Isabelle Demeestere, says the procedure is suitable for women at high risk of ovarian failure, including those who have had treatment for lymphoma, leukemia and sarcoma.

Despite Ovarian Failure and Removal at 13, She Gave Birth To Her Own Biological Child

A Belgium woman is a new mother, despite ovarian failure and loss, due to the forward thinking of her doctors when she was just 13 years old. The anonymous patient had one ovary removed at that time, followed by aggressive treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia. The treatment, necessary for both her health and quality of life, caused her remaining ovary to fail. It remained intact within her body.

In November of 2014, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy after unique surgery. The removed ovary had been frozen and stored, so her doctors chose to graft 15 of the thawed ovarian components. Four were grafted to her failed ovary and 11 were grafted elsewhere in her body.

Without additional fertility assistance, the unnamed patient began having spontaneous menstrual cycles within five months of the grafting. She conceived her son at the age of 27. The technology that made it possible to restore her fertility and conceive her son was only possible due to the removal and appropriate freezing of the original ovary says Ivan Ong in this article.

Throughout the world, there have been thousands of women and girls who have undergone the procedure, but its long-term success is still not clear. It is important to note that about 40 older women have maintained or improved their fertility due to freezing their ovaries. However, success for pre-pubescent girls that undergo the procedure will require more research for future success.

Unplanned Lessons of Love

Cristina Nehring found herself alone with a newborn child to raise Often we plan our lives out the way we think we want them to be or the way that seems it will make us the happiest. But, life has a way of changing and throwing you a loop as it did this single woman who had bigger plans for her life. On a trip she met a guy and fell in love, from that union came the biggest surprise of her life her daughter Eurydice. Ironically born during a hailstorm, Nehrings life would soon mirror the weather. Eurydice born with Down syndrome made her entrance while at the same time her father made his exit. According to Cristina once Eurydice was born and the reality of her condition was realized the baby’s father abandoned her and her new baby, changed his number and forbade his family from having anything to do with them. This new life was not in Nehring’s plan but taking the bull by the horns she took her new baby with her where ever she went including the restrooms of the Cafés where she would go to write. Some people in this situation would have crumbled but not Cristina as according to her Eurydice didn’t “make me weaker, she made me stronger”. Life changes on a dime sometimes and we have to be able to roll with the punches, make lemonade out of lemons they say. Sam Tabar ( agrees that this story of love and perseverance proves that there is more to us than we ourselves know, you really don’t know what you are made of until you are put in a position discover it.

5th Grade Boys Pledge Allegiance Against Bullying

Franklin Elementary fifth-grader, James Willmert has endured a learning disability, and the brunt of cold-hearted bullying, but not anymore because five new school friends have pledged to “watch his back.”

Gus, Tyler, Landon, Jake and Jack observed some other kids picking on James, “because it was easier to bully him and that’s not right,” Jack said.

The boys invited James back to their lunch table says James Dondero on Twitter.

James calls on Landon, and passes him a bag of raisins. Landon unassumingly opens the raisins and hands it right back to James. James says “Thanks,” as if Landon were simply another family member.

Fifth-grade teacher, Mallory Howk has noticed the uncompromising kindness. “It makes you honored to be their teacher.”

Howk is convinced the anti-bulling lessons given at the school has made a difference, but the boy’s kindness and good will has surpassed her expectations.

According to James Willmert’s mom, “he shied away from school recess, and now he’s rushing through lunch to go play with his new friends.”

The boys have all been honored with a Spirit of Youth Award.

Big Bird Rapping?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like to see Big Bird rap to one of your favorite songs? Have you ever thought it would be hilarious to see him as an MC? If so, a new video that is out there is just the thing for you.
There is a song out there with Big Bird rapping to it. The bird that is beloved by so many children and adults is a great MC, as it turns out. Who would have thought?
Sesame Street has always had a lot of fun on their shows, but seeing Big Bird rapping may just be the most fun thing anyone who is a fan has ever seen. Big Bird looks like he was made to play the part of an MC. The video is very enjoyable, especially for anyone who is a fan of Big Bird, and of hip hop music.
So, if you love those two things, like‘s Daniel Amen does, then you are going to love the two things together. Check out the video of Big Bird rapping, and see what you think.

Less Children Are Mentally Ill, But More Are Taking Medication

According to a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, rates of mental disorders in American youth has decreased between 1996 and 2012. However, paradoxically, the numbers of children who are receiving psychiatric treatments has been going up.

Nationwide surveys conducted by the federal agency for Healthcare Research and Quality were used by researchers from Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute. The researchers looked at the cases of mental disability in 53,622 children between the ages of 6 and 17. The parents of these children had rated their children on an impairment scale of sorts, and the researchers used these numbers to measure the extent of disability in these children. From 1996 to 2012, the percentage of youths who were classified as severe cases went from 12.8% to 10.7%.

However, even though there were lower rates of impairment, the rate of children who were being treated for a mental disorder went from 9 percent to 13 percent in that time period. The use of antidepressants went up by about 60%, and the use of antipsychotics increased sixfold. The overall use of psychotropic drugs among these youths went from 5.5% to 8.9% of children.

Sam Tabar thinks that this phenomenon is the result of flawed thresholds for defining mental disorders. Mental health professionals are more likely to give out diagnoses and prescriptions to children who don’t need them.

College Graduate is just 11-Years-Old

Summer is almost here, which means that it is time for graduations. All over the United States, students are graduating from high school and colleges, ready to take that next big step in their lives. However, there is one college student that stands out above some others.

According to the story on, the Sacramento, California-based college, American River College, has just had their youngest student graduate- 11-year-old Tanishq Abraham. The 11-year-old prodigy graduated with three degrees from the college. Tanishq attended the college for one short year but managed to graduate with associate degrees in foreign language studies, math and physical sciences, and general sciences.

Tanishq attended his first college class at just a tender 7-years-old. He has been home schooled by his parents most of his life, after complaining that he was bored with the curriculum in the grade school that he was attending. Both Tanishq and his 6-year-old sister have been members of Mensa since the age of four. The siblings both enjoy learning, painting, singing, and video games. However, Tanishq has said that one of his favorite hobbies is writing articles for NASA.

Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick agree that Tanishq has a bright future ahead of him and his parents are supportive in his endeavors. They have said that their son can choose whatever he would like to do in life, as long as it makes him happy.

Ohio Wants To Ban Down Syndrome Abortions

Three Out Of Ten Women Have Abortions If The Baby Shows Signs Of Down Syndrome

Folks at FreedomPop know that North Dakota has a similar law in place. Women can’t abort Down syndrome fetuses or fetuses with other abnormalities. Abortion rights advocates say states should stay out of abortion issues. Advocates say those decisions should be between a woman and her doctor. Lawmakers have no business passing laws that take the decision making process away from the family.

The Ohio bill would make doctors sign a form stating they had no knowledge that the decision to perform the abortion was the result of a Down syndrome diagnosis. The idea is Down syndrome is not a death sentence. People with Down syndrome live very productive lives. They may look and act differently, but they enjoy life as much or more as “normal” people. But it is not up to the state to decide what fetuses live or die.

The abortion issues will never go away. Most people believe abortion is a religious issue. Religious issues that become government issues get complicated. Individuals decisions are compromised, and the family losses control of their inalienable rights.