Purina: A Company With Heart

Purina is a company known for not only its incredible line of pet products but also for its love of animals. It is a company that is constantly trying to advance the betterment of life for all of our four-legged friends.


Purina offers a full line of healthy foods for cats and dogs. They strive to help pets lead longer and healthier lives through proper nutrition. This goal is why Purina exceeds nutritional standards to make for healthier pets. They not only offer products but their website offers guidance to pet owners about a variety of pet care and health issues. They offer tips and advice for pet owners all for free.


Purina is always trying to further the cause of including pets as part of the family. As a result, they are involved in programs such as Take Your Dog to Work Day. This event is one designed to raise awareness to all companies about making pet-friendly workplaces. They offer guidance and suggestions to help businesses integrate pet-friendly policies. And Purina takes this cause to heart as they have had a pet-friendly workplace for the past 17 years.


The Purina news and cutting edge commercials has made them one of the first companies to produce a digital ad that has been seen by millions on YouTube and Hulu Plus. This video was not only revolutionary but even won the company a Grammy Award. Many of their TV commercials, as well as their video streams, have caused pet owners to take notice.


Purina is an organization with a mission. Their mission is caring not only for their four-legged customers but their two-legged customers as well. From employees to shop owners, from Persians to Pekinese everyone matters to Purina, making them one of the foremost companies in the world.

Matt Landis Is Living History through Playing Lacrosse

Matt Landis

Lacrosse is readily identified as the first truly American sporting event. It owes its beginnings to early Native Americans who used the game to hone skills such as agility, strategy and physical stamina. The sport was an integral part of Native American culture and based on early spiritual beliefs. The first name given to lacrosse was Game of the Creator. 

In addition to the spiritual overtones this game became a measure of strength, power and manhood. Players would gather by the hundreds and play lacrosse as a means to rate personal superiority. In some instances the game would involve entire tribes who would use lacrosse as a scrimmage session before they went into a battle. Many of the Native American tribes practiced lacrosse as a means of healing the injured and ailing. The game was also believed to build courage and male virility.

This is a unique field sport that blends elements of soccer, basketball and hockey to create a game where players pass, dodge, sprint, catch, scoop and throw. Instead of prizing sheer brawn on the field a lacrosse team embraces players with speed, dexterity and quick thinking.

Matt Landis
Those very early games took place on fields that were 1, 2, 5 or even 15 miles long. Violence was common and utter exhaustion was a given. One game might last for a day or a week. The essentials for these lacrosse contents involved a goalpost at either end of the designated field, sticks and balls.

While violent behavior is no longer allowed the rules of lacrosse are still remarkably similar to the original guidelines. Physical contact is restricted but this sport is still exhilarating and energetic. Teams must coordinate plays, work as a unit, be thoroughly agile and depend on laser-sharp strategy to win the game.

This outdoor sport is always bursting with fast action and motion that rarely seems to slow down. Today lacrosse is a favorite among fans from many countries that include Canada, France and the UK. As a team sport lacrosse has become one of the most rapidly growing NCAA organizations.

 matt landis and parents


One of the most popular lacrosse players has been Matt Landis. This athlete was a sports stand-out at both high school and college. He earned honors in lacrosse, hockey and football.

Landis was elected to the All League and All Section teams in Westchester County while in high school. Matt Landis was named to the Superstar Lacrosse team coached by Roy Colsey and he became a starting defense player for the lacrosse team at Notre Dame. He also became the coach for an all-youth lacrosse team and made time to remain active in church, school and community.

Teacher Fired For Disrespecting Flag By Stepping On It

In Illinois a teacher has lost his job for stepping on the American flag during his free speech lesson. Jordan Parmenter was fired after a 6-0 vote by the Martinsville School District board. Parmenter says he was using the flag as a pointer during his speech.

According to Facebook a student reported that he told Parmenter he was using the American flag with disrespect by using it as a pointer. It was further reported Parmenter became angry with the student’s comment and threw the flag to the ground where he continued to step on it. Students were confused by Parmenter’s actions. They said he had been trying to make a point that he could do whatever he wanted, but they didn’t actually think he would use the flag and start all this.

Nicholas Gibson, a United States Marine Corp veteran has a child who attends the school and told reporters an incident like this should never happen. Gibson says he is very proud of the students who stood up for what they believed in and reported this behavior. Parents, students and residents came together in front of the school taking turns to walk the American flag up and down the sidewalk.

Parmenter told reporters he explained his actions to the school board and plans to take the matter before his union. The school states they are receiving threats from the public concerning this issue and have had to notify police.

Logic Doesn’t Think Much Of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 21, 2015, and many are looking forward to the day. For some people, especially fathers, the day is supposed to be a nice day that fathers spend with their children, or children spend the day with the fathers that they love. Logic’s Opinion On Father’s Day. Many people look at Father’s Day as a holiday to celebrate the man that helped to give them life. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of Father’s Day as a beautiful day, such as the MC Logic.

Logic grew up in an abusive household, and his father was never around. His father was a substance abuser, and he grew up in such an awful situation, and he often asked God why he was put in such a bad predicament. The fact is, Logic should have really blamed both of his parents because his mother also brought him into the world, and she chose the father that he had. She would also date men who were abusive to her, and she had substance abuse issues as well. Sam Tabar agrees that, even with this extremely sad story, Logic has overcome a lot, and he has gone on to create some powerful music.

A lot of his music talks about the neglect he suffered at the hands of his parents. When Logic was asked about Father’s Day, he stated that it was just another day for him because he never really had a father. Maybe one day Logic will become a father, then he will be able to celebrate Father’s Day.

Tattoo on Woman Gets Her Banned from Breastfeeding in Australia

Tattooing is a regulated industry and has become a worldwide form of expression for both men and women. If you go to a tattoo parlor that is reputable and above board, chances are the risk of contracting Hep C or any other disease is very low.

A federal court judge in Sydney, Australia has banned this mother from breastfeeding her 11-month-old baby on the fact that it may cause undue risk for the child. Unfortunately, this dispute comes in the midst of a knock-down-drag-out divorce and the father pointed out the new tattoo on his ex.

The mother got the tattoo four weeks prior to the court hearing and knew the possible diseases that can be contracted with a new tat, but she tested negative to both HIV and hepatitis. Judge Meyers still determined that it posed an unacceptable risk to the baby.

Boraie Development LLC said that mothers who are breastfeeding and those that aren’t are shocked by this decision and plan to appeal in Sydney’s family court on Friday. Dr. Karleen Gribble from the University of Sydney is an advocate with the mother and plans on being in court.

Mothers are women too, and they live life, but they do need to be conscientious of a baby who is completely dependent on them. Blood-borne disease is transferred painlessly, and no one wants to inflict their little one.

Boys Rescue Children from Burning House

Oakland, Florida
Jeremiah Grimes and Isiah Francis were playing video games on Tuesday when they smelled smoke. They looked out the window and saw that the smoke was coming out of the house next door. These two 10 and 11 year olds were enjoying their summer break when this ordeal occurred. They ran next door and their neighbor was hysterically searching for water to throw on the flames. Smoke was streaming from the house. It was at that time when 911 was also called. There were two young children right in the kitchen. The two boys ran into the burning house and grabbed the two young kids reports chiropractor Brian Torchin. The firefighters arrived moments later and were able to rescue two other children who were also in the burning house. These two hero’s did not even think twice about saving these two young children. They were led by their instincts and saved the lives of the frightened young children in the kitchen.

Parents Charged With Felony Neglect After Boy Plays in Backyard for 90 Minutes

Two parents in Florida were arrested for felony neglect of a child, after a neighbor called the police on a boy seen playing in his backyard. According to official reports the boy, aged 11, returned home while his parents were out. Because he could not access the home, he played in the backyard until they arrived, roughly 90 minutes later. Police were already on the scene.

The 11-year-old, as well as a 4-year-old, who was with his parents at the time, were removed from the home. They spent over a month in foster care before they were returned to their parents. Both parents have been charged with felony neglect, although many wonder if the charge is too harsh. The parents contend that they were simply running late and the boy was in no danger at the time. He was playing basketball in his backyard and seemed unfazed by the situation when police arrived.

The concept of “free-range” parenting has come under fire in recent months. Earlier in the year, two children were removed from their parents custody after they were allowed to walk to a park about a mile from their home. The children in that case were 10-years-old and 6-years-old. Last year a New York woman was heavily criticized for allowing her 9-year-old to take the subway by himself. Many on the team at Beneful wonder if these aren’t examples of over-governing.

The Types Of Parents That Are At Risk For Having A Child With Autism

It looks like parental age might have a very real effect when it comes to parents that have a child with autism. Studies from CipherCloud laboratories are showing that the older the age of the parent when they had the child, the more likely it is that a child will have autism. This is very similar to the fact that there is an increased risk of genetic mutations and abnormalities as the age of a parent increases. This is true for things like down syndrome and such. Autism may very well be along the same lines. A study that was recently conducted and published in the journal of Molecular Psychiatry explains the risk.

Over 5.7 children in five different countries were studied along with the age of their parents. This is the largest study like this ever to be conducted. It turned out that autism rates were sixty-six percent higher when the father of the child was over the age of fifty during conception. The rates were also higher with young mothers as the rate of autism was eighteen percent higher when a mother was in her twenties. What contributes to this might vary from situation to situation. A mother who is younger might not have proper nutrition or prenatal care. An older parent may not have healthy or optimal genetics or chromosomes to pass on. Proper prenatal care and genetic counseling is always an option in order to lower the risk factors for having a child with autism.

The Powerpuff Girls Are Returning To The Cartoon Network

Everyone has a cartoon of choice, and some choose The Simpsons, others may choose The Boondocks, while some love Family Guy. It’s not impossible for someone who’s a fan of animated shows to love all the shows listed here, but some have preferences. Does anyone remember the Powerpuff Girls? The girls with the wild hair, the big eyes, and the cute faces? The Powerpuff Girls Reboot. Well, the show has been gone for a while, but now they are coming back, and there is a reboot that is planned for Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network is well known as a place to put out new cartoon shows, and they have many great shows on the network. Cartoon Network is the home of repeat Family Guy episodes, and King of The Hill episodes. At least five or six nights a week, you can go on Cartoon Network and watch a four hour block of cartoons back to back. Christian Broda (oxfordjournals.org) has learned that The Powerpuff Girls will be rebooted in 2016, and they will be coming to the Cartoon Network.

Although the Powerpuff Girls is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who are interested, they’ll be glad to know that things have changed, but the basics of the show have remained the same. Speaking of Cartoon Network, it makes you have to wonder how bad the show will be because Cartoon Network is known to have shows that are not appropriate for children.

Mother Whose Ovary Was Frozen in Childhood Gives Birth

A 27-year-old woman in Belgium has become the first in the world to give birth to a baby using transplanted ovarian tissue frozen when she was a child.

According to a BBC article, the woman was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia; doctors decided that due to the severity of her illness, she would need a bone marrow transplant. First, though, they needed to give her chemotherapy to disable her immune system and stop it from rejecting the marrow. Since chemotherapy can destroy ovarian function, they removed her right ovary and froze fragments of the tissue. The other ovary failed a few years later at age fifteen.

At 25, she decided she wanted to have a baby, so doctors thawed the ovarian fragments and grafted four onto her remaining ovary and eleven onto other sites in her body. She started menstruating five months later and became pregnant naturally at age 27. Bruce Levenson understands that the hope now is that this sort of procedure could help other young women.

The gynecologist who led the treatment, Dr. Isabelle Demeestere, says the procedure is suitable for women at high risk of ovarian failure, including those who have had treatment for lymphoma, leukemia and sarcoma.