Generating Passive Income as a Businesswoman

If there is one type of income that is extremely valuable but probably underrated, it is passive income. A businesswoman can benefit greatly from passive income. In many cases, a business earns a lot of passive income due to the products and services being offered. Many businesses in retail earn a lot of passive income. This is accomplished because customers buy products even after the promotion is done. The businesswoman does not have to keep working to get any money. Also, the work that is needed to be done is often minimal. This is a lot different than the hours of work put in to make an income.

While passive income does have its advantages, the main disadvantage to the business woman is that it takes a while to build up. The businesswoman would have to work tons of hours before she could finally see a reward for her efforts. Then after she makes enough money, then she just has to do very little work each day. It is like working for free for a long time, and then retiring once payday comes. It takes a lot of work, research and wisdom in order for one to achieve passive income from her efforts.

One of the businesswomen that has achieved a business that earns her tons of passive income is Susan McGalla. She has ran businesses and held management positions throughout her career on She eventually caught the desire to start her own business where she could earn a lot of passive income. She has hired people to help her run the business that she has founded. She would be one of the many who have plenty to say about the benefits of having passive income and why it is good to have it at least as something to fall back on.

The fastest the businesswoman could earn passive income depends on the tools that she uses. If the woman uses a multitude of tools in a powerful way, then she could see herself earning a significant amount of income in a short amount of time. She must also have some resources that could help her gain all of the traffic needed in order to profit from her efforts. It also depends on the type of business that she is running. Some business take a while to earn money due to various factors. The important thing is to not get discouraged and to have a commitment.

Social Media Apps in an Innovative Electronic Age

The influx of a digital world has elicited a host of apps in the wake of the iPhone and Android revolution. The term apps is simply a condensed version of the word application. There are numerous types of apps that can be downloaded from electronic devices including topics of social media, health, finances, weather, games, etc. The list is endless. These apps are utilized for convenience, learning, and entertainment purposes. This article will highlight a few well-known social media apps and discuss a few others that are not as distinguished.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media age. These two social media platforms have also transformed into successful apps. Millions of users have these applications downloaded on their electronic devices, phones, tablets, etc. The convenient feature about apps is that the software of the application is a compressed form of the actual platform. For instance, the regular website at provides a full feature array of information including the designated section in the appropriate placement for messages, posts, notifications, and friends list. The Facebook app does not contain the exact layout of the site. Social media apps offer highlighted aspects of the social media features. Facebook messenger is emphasized on the app, though it may not immediately pull in all friends’ status updates, like it occurs instantly on the regular website.


Flipora has proven and continues to establish itself as the face of Artificial Intelligence with its innovative, global appeal. By Flipora’s technological advances in matching up similar content to past web sites visits, users are given suggested sites in which they may be interested. Flipora has the ability to discover content in which a user may be interested and connect to others to engage in an exchange of ideas. Flipora is considered a noteworthy social media app.

Additional Social Media Apps

A few other notable social media apps that users download and operate on a daily basis are Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.

Instagram allows users to share, like, and comment on photos. It lets users to connect with and follow others.

Pinterest is a community where users upload craft, cooking, and home project ideas. Upon joining, users are introduced to numerous recipes and creative decorative ideas.

Vine is host to user created, expressive, looped videos of very short duration, usually six seconds. These videos can be shared with friends and other users.


Understanding the Importance of Human Rights

Understanding human rights like Yeonmi Park and its importance is very essential for each individual. This is the set of standards that allow common people to lead their life happily with dignity, freedom and in peace. In short, human rights offer all people the right to enjoy their freedom, experience equality wherever they go, get the privilege of law and justice, and live in peace. As a human being, every single person on earth has this basic right. Despite of the race, religion, language, sex, ethnicity and political backgrounds, a person is allowed to enjoy his basic rights under the human rights law. After all, these rights give each individual a choice to live his life peacefully and participate in the community development eventually.

While a number of countries and communities accept and follow these laws wholeheartedly, many of them also take human rights as a set of moral principles. It is true that human rights include certain principles and laws that apply to everyone. International law also includes a few human rights principles as well. Such principles are applied when there are two or more nations participating in treaties and political or social declarations. While the human rights laws include a set of principles and laws, countries and states have their own set of laws often incorporated with human rights in their own region.

After the declaration of independence in various countries, each country’s legal entity chooses and adopts the law and human rights for their region. In the process, many laws are adopted from the international human rights laws and new rights are added based on the regional law and rights. However, the laws applied for a particular region are always evaluated strictly to ensure that the local laws incorporated all values that the international human rights actually include. Apart from the freedom, peace and dignity parts, the laws of human rights pertaining to a particular region should also include basic laws like the prohibition against arbitrary detention, giving the citizens their political and civil right, preserving each individual’s social rights and allowing each person to enjoy their economic rights.

While the regional and state human right laws have some differences, the International human rights law lays down certain common laws and obligations that each country and states are bound to follow and respect. To protect and fulfill each citizen’s human rights, every country, state and region should follow and respect the human rights law. With such laws in place, each country should be able to make easy for its people to enjoy the privilege of human rights.

A number of human right activists work closely with local governments and non-political organizations to make things easy for people of a particular region and countries with a dictatorship ruling. The human rights activists like Yeonmi Park are some of those few defector-activists who fight for the rights of their people. At this young age of 21, Yeonmi is an activist and brings forward the voice of her oppressed people in North Korea. She is an inspiration for the new generations too.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Among The Best Plastic Surgeons In The Nation

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among one of the best cosmetic plastic surgeons in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is a certified board plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The Texas-born Dr. Walden learned under the tutelage of many trailblazing plastic surgeons. After working at some of the most renowned reconstructive surgery centers in the U.S., she opened her own clinic in New York. She has been wildly successful and considered one of the most skilled doctors in her field. Dr. Walden recently closed her New York clinic to move back to her home state of Texas.

Dr. Walden has always been viewed as a go-getter. She graduated at the top of her high school class and graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in biology. She went on to study at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she graduated with high honors. Dr. Walden made her move to Miami to complete her externship. Then it was on to New York, where she worked at the world-famous Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic. She also worked at many other surgery clinics and hospitals including Seton Hospital, Centerpark Surgery and Lenox Hill Hospital.

Dr. Walden always wanted to pursue her specialty in aesthetic surgery. She benefited greatly and was able to hone her skills while working with a number of surgeons. Dr. Walden has received a number of awards for excellence including the Mavis P. Kelsey Award, The Janice C. Glasgow Memorial Award and an award from the Society of Plastic Surgeons for Best Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

After several successful years in New York, Dr. Walden recently relocated back to the Austin area. She has also opened her new fully-equipped plastic surgery clinic, Walden Plastic Surgery Center. She has a highly-trained team of professional surgeons who provide some of the most impressive and professional services in the world. Dr. Walden also has privileges at many local hospitals and has recently opened a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic.

Dr. Walden is a fixture in the media. She has been interviewed by many national news organizations such as ABC, Good Morning America and The Today Show. Because of her expertise, she has columns in a number of magazines and is one of the most sought-after lecturers in the U.S. She has also both authored and co-authored many books relating to plastic surgery.

Michael Jordan- Player, Owner and Inspiration

Know as MJ to his international fans, millions have watched Michael Jeffery Jordan perform slam-dunks earning him the nickname “His Airness” by fellow NBA players. It is no surprise that Michael Jordan is acclaimed as the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan’s talent helped popularize basketball around the world when he participated as a US player in the 1992 Olympics winning the first gold medal in basketball for the United States. Michael Jordan’s athletic talent is only a part of this great man’s legacy. While still a NBA player, he teamed up with Nike to develop an athletic brand called Air Jordan. Forbes estimated 2013 sales of his brand around $2.25 billion a year and by 2014, the Air Jordan brand accounted for 54 percent of all basketball shoes sold in the US. Despite his retirement as a player, Jordan still averages an income of around 100 million a year.

In 2010, Jordan sought majority ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats after being a minority owner of the team for four years. That sale made Michael Jordan became the first ever NBA player to ever purchased a majority share of an NBA team and the only African American majority owner in history. Three years latter On May 21, 2013, Jordan again filed with the NBA, this time to reclaim the original team name. The NBA approved the change and it became official in 2014. The Charlotte Bobcats were now to be called the Charlotte Hornets.

That same year, Jordan expressed his hopes that more NBA players would become NBA owners. Despite various player controversies, his hopes maybe fulfilled with the sale of the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks ownership group has announced that they are in the process of finalizing the team’s sale. A waiting NBA owner approval, Bruce Levenson and other investors plan to sell the Hawks for $730 million to former NBA Player Grant Hill and his partner at the Ressler Group.

Bruce Levenson, a co-founder and partner at United Communications Group, had difficulties initially selling the franchise when Goldman Sachs over valued the Hawks by almost a third. This made selling the company difficult, because Levenson and his group were convinced that the team and the arena’s operating rights were worth $1 billion. Was former NBA player Grant Hill and his group Area Management LP inspired by Jordan’s success as an owner? We will never know, but Grant Hill and his group finally won the team in an auction bid. Jordan, as the first NBA player to become a majority owner, should be happy to approve the sale of Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks to Grant Hill and his partners.

Look For Mobile Wireless Services That Offer All One Needs

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to the mobile wireless service that they go with for themselves, and that is okay, because there are many different companies that offer these types of services. The important thing for people to keep in mind when they are in need of this type of service, though, is just that they need to fully research it. They need to know what the company offers, and what the company charges, before they choose the company as the one that they want to go with. It’s important that they know all that they can about all of the mobile wireless services that are offered to them, so that
they can pick the one that is actually best for them.

A lot of people have found FreedomPop to be the best mobile wireless service for them, and they have gone ahead and signed up for their free mobile service, or even their paid mobile service. FreedomPop does things differently than most other companies, and that has gotten people interested in them.

FreedomPop has been expanding out recently, and that proves to people that they know what they are doing. They have succeeded in everything that they have tried to do, and they are going to keep doing well as they move beyond where they are at right now. That gives people all of the reassurance that they need to know that this company is worth looking into.

It might take a bit of time for one to decide on the right mobile wireless service for them to go with, but once they have made their decision and know that they have made the best one, then they will feel great about it. They’ll know that their mobile service will give them all that they have been wanting.

Facts About Susan P. McGalla And Her Involvement In Championing For Women Rights

When matters related to women advancing in their careers are concerned, there is a lot of information available everywhere. However, many women find the information too generic and pandering which is the reason many prefer getting a personalized consultation as opposed to reading information either through the web or in books. Susan McGalla on founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC that delivers expert consultation to clients on matters related to being efficient in operations, branding, talent management and many other areas. She has been at the forefront in championing women rights in careers and business and has spoken in different audiences on the same.

She says that many women she engages with also hold a similar perception but are unfortunate because they do not have the platform to air their views. Many women do not want to be seen as just women in their workplaces but rather as professionals who are equal to their male counterparts. She also says that women have always been involved with coming up with practical approaches to work and finding authentic perspectives.

Growing up in a family with two elder brothers, she was lucky because her parents did not treat her any different. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and present her ideas with confidence to any audience regardless of the size.

The upbringing resulted in her being very comfortable with either men and women. The same can also be attributed to her success. Susan McGalla received her BA from the Mount Union College and in 1994, she began her career at the Joseph Horne Company. She later on proceeded to join the American Eagle, which was predominantly dominated by males and managed to have a very successful career. Her ascension was very influential in coming forth with a career change that involved both men and women to becoming the most successful corporate culture of the company.

She held different management positions in the company and eventually rose to become the President as well as the Chief Merchandising Officer. It is at that juncture that she was able to establish herself as a financial consulting for top people who needed a perspective of how the retail world works. She firmly believes that so as to get autonomy over a career, one has to work hard and pursue a passion.

She was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She left American Eagle in 2009 to become a private consultant and was later appointed to the Board of Directors at HFF. When matters related to sport are concerned, she directs the Strategic Growth and Planning team for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her excellence is not only in her career because she graduated with an Alma Mater from college. She has been a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and a director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

She is a perfect example of an individual who uses her knowledge and experience to impact other people’s lives so that society can become much better. In the days to come, the world will have very many people similar to her because the trend is already set.

One of the most richest man in America

Who is Ken Griffin? He is the founder of the billionaire hedge fund Citadel. He is also widely known in the art world, philanthropist, and a political player. Over the last decade, he has become a power player in Chicago Business. Reportedly he is worth about $2.3 billion. That makes Griffin of citadel be the fifth richest person in all of Chicago and the 159th richest person in all of America. Griffin have donated over 3 million to candidates that are a part of the political action committee. He has also donated a staggering $ 19 million donation for the Modern Wing at the Art Institute.

He was president of the math club at his high school Boca Raton Community. He then attended Harvard, which is when he begin his investing career. Harvard had allowed Griffin to install a satellite dish on the roof on Cabot House so that he can receive stock quotes.
One of Griffin’s early investment strategy took the power of a methodical incompetence in the market for convertible bonds. After he graduated Harvard, is when he then move to Chicago to become an investor at Glenwood Capital Investments.

Frank Meyer, who ran Glenwood Capital Investment, entrusted $1 million of Glenwood money to Griffin. The following year, Griffin and Meyer raise 4.6 million to Citadel. The hedge fund grew at a rapid pace. In 2002, Citadel opened into energy trading. Amaranth Advisors had ran into some dilemmas on bad natural gas.Citadel bought its position at a high discount. In 2008. Citadel had then reached its peak of $20 billion in assets. In 2009, he builds an investment-banking operation.

Griffin has given a lot of money to politicians throughout the years. Some of the politicians include Representative Pail Ryan and Senator Tom Coburn. In 2010, is when he offer his biggest donation. He donated 500,000 to two different political action committee. That donation is a long distance away from his first donation. In 1998, he donated $1000 to the U.S senator Daniel Inouye.

Griffin has a great love for arts. Griffin accumulate impressionist and postimpressionist art with the same drive he brings to be in charge of a hedge fund. He is a part of the world’s top 200 collectors. Some of the pieces he collected throughout the years includes False Start, Self Portrait, Water Lillies, Green Dancers, and Little Dancer.

A lot of Griffin’s philanthropy has to do with the arts, children, and education. A few of his charitable donations benefiting are distributed by the Citadel Group Foundation, In the year 2007, Griffin donated 98.5 percent of the funds that he had received. He also has a foundation that he co-founded in October 2009. Some of his donations include 19 million to the Art Institute in 2006. Also $996.440 in total from CGF to Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 2002-2009, and 240,00 in total from CGF to the Latin School of Chicago in 2005. Kenneth Griffin, a successful hedge fund, philanthropist, and a man with the love art.

Lime Crime, A Cosmetic Company Offering Unique Lipstick And Makeup Products

The Beginning of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime Cosmetics Company was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Doe Deere. Mrs. Deere, who is an avid makeup lover and user realized that there was a very limited amount of bright colored lipsticks on the market at the time. Doe who gravitated towards bright and bold colors had an idea. She would begin creating her own line of bright colored lipsticks and cosmetics for her own use and for other women. This would be her very first venture. There would be a lot of risks involved. She had no brick and mortar store of her own where she could sell cosmetics. At the time lipsticks and cosmetics were tried on directly by women at stores where they were given samples.

Doe Deere had her back against the wall. She realized that there was a severe lack of bold and unique lipsticks on the market. She was confident that other woman would love her new line of lipstick colors and designs. The only to get her products on the product would be through the internet and at the time lipsticks were not sold through the internet as they are now. Still Doe Deere pushed on and launched her business online in 2008. Being able to show her lipstick colors was a problem, but she came up with a solution that revolutionized the entire lipstick and cosmetics industry. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics company became the first to display its lipsticks on actual lips online. This gave customers a real idea of how Doe Deere’s new lipsticks would look on their own lips.

Her company became a success and sales steadily increased. Doe Deere was right that there was a demand for bright colored lipsticks that she and other woman loved, but were just not available. Now there was a supplier of bright, bold and colorful lipsticks on the market, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Other retailers of lipsticks and cosmetics quickly adapted Lime Crime’s approach of displaying lipsticks on real lips.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Company Today

Today Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles, California and employs dozens of people including chemists who continue to improve the formulas and colors of Lime Crime’s products. Doe Deere has expanded the line of products that Lime Crime now offers. The company now offers velvetines, lipstick gloss, eyeliners, glitters for both lips and eyebrows, nail polish and an all natural water resistant glitter helper for the application of glitter. All of Lime Crime’s products are certified vegan and are animal cruelty free. Lime Crime does not test any of its products on animals. Lime Crime’s products are currently sold in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Human Rights Campaigner to Visit College in Indiana

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world, so I was pleased to read on the DePauw University Website that she would be speaking at the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture event on October 5th 2015. The story of Yeonmi Park and her family has been told many times and this event at DePauw University will make her the youngest speaker in the history of the event, which is more used to politicians, journalists and popular culture figures providing speeches than 22 year old human rights activists. As tensions remain high between North and South Korea it is important that the people of the US hear the true story of somebody who fled the North Korean regime and was forced to trust human traffickers to get her family across China to the safety of South Korea.

Yeonmi Park and her family were forced to flee North Korea after her father was forced into a labor camp after selling precious metals in a bid to simply feed his family during one of the many famines those in North Korea have faced in recent years. Park, her mother and sister crossed into China in 2007 and with the paid assistance of Chinese human traffickers made their way to the South Korean Embassy in Mongolia in 2009. The journey to freedom was a traumatic one and resulted in the rape of Park’s mother and the apparent death of her sister before arriving in Mongolia. Since finding freedom in South Korea, Park was reunited with her sister five years after her disappearance and made it her mission to publicize the plight of the people of North Korea and the refugees fleeing the country. Now active on Twitter and around the world, Park hasn’t let up in her opposition to the North Korean regime.

The choice of Yeonmi Park as a speaker at DePauw University comes after she spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum and will provide those listening with an insight into the truth of life in North Korea. Yeonmi Park has recently been co-hosting a podcast explaining the issues facing North Korean refugees and has been publicizing the problems of human trafficking across the globe.