One of the most richest man in America

Who is Ken Griffin? He is the founder of the billionaire hedge fund Citadel. He is also widely known in the art world, philanthropist, and a political player. Over the last decade, he has become a power player in Chicago Business. Reportedly he is worth about $2.3 billion. That makes Griffin of citadel be the fifth richest person in all of Chicago and the 159th richest person in all of America. Griffin have donated over 3 million to candidates that are a part of the political action committee. He has also donated a staggering $ 19 million donation for the Modern Wing at the Art Institute.

He was president of the math club at his high school Boca Raton Community. He then attended Harvard, which is when he begin his investing career. Harvard had allowed Griffin to install a satellite dish on the roof on Cabot House so that he can receive stock quotes.
One of Griffin’s early investment strategy took the power of a methodical incompetence in the market for convertible bonds. After he graduated Harvard, is when he then move to Chicago to become an investor at Glenwood Capital Investments.

Frank Meyer, who ran Glenwood Capital Investment, entrusted $1 million of Glenwood money to Griffin. The following year, Griffin and Meyer raise 4.6 million to Citadel. The hedge fund grew at a rapid pace. In 2002, Citadel opened into energy trading. Amaranth Advisors had ran into some dilemmas on bad natural gas.Citadel bought its position at a high discount. In 2008. Citadel had then reached its peak of $20 billion in assets. In 2009, he builds an investment-banking operation.

Griffin has given a lot of money to politicians throughout the years. Some of the politicians include Representative Pail Ryan and Senator Tom Coburn. In 2010, is when he offer his biggest donation. He donated 500,000 to two different political action committee. That donation is a long distance away from his first donation. In 1998, he donated $1000 to the U.S senator Daniel Inouye.

Griffin has a great love for arts. Griffin accumulate impressionist and postimpressionist art with the same drive he brings to be in charge of a hedge fund. He is a part of the world’s top 200 collectors. Some of the pieces he collected throughout the years includes False Start, Self Portrait, Water Lillies, Green Dancers, and Little Dancer.

A lot of Griffin’s philanthropy has to do with the arts, children, and education. A few of his charitable donations benefiting are distributed by the Citadel Group Foundation, In the year 2007, Griffin donated 98.5 percent of the funds that he had received. He also has a foundation that he co-founded in October 2009. Some of his donations include 19 million to the Art Institute in 2006. Also $996.440 in total from CGF to Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 2002-2009, and 240,00 in total from CGF to the Latin School of Chicago in 2005. Kenneth Griffin, a successful hedge fund, philanthropist, and a man with the love art.

Lime Crime, A Cosmetic Company Offering Unique Lipstick And Makeup Products

The Beginning of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime Cosmetics Company was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Doe Deere. Mrs. Deere, who is an avid makeup lover and user realized that there was a very limited amount of bright colored lipsticks on the market at the time. Doe who gravitated towards bright and bold colors had an idea. She would begin creating her own line of bright colored lipsticks and cosmetics for her own use and for other women. This would be her very first venture. There would be a lot of risks involved. She had no brick and mortar store of her own where she could sell cosmetics. At the time lipsticks and cosmetics were tried on directly by women at stores where they were given samples.

Doe Deere had her back against the wall. She realized that there was a severe lack of bold and unique lipsticks on the market. She was confident that other woman would love her new line of lipstick colors and designs. The only to get her products on the product would be through the internet and at the time lipsticks were not sold through the internet as they are now. Still Doe Deere pushed on and launched her business online in 2008. Being able to show her lipstick colors was a problem, but she came up with a solution that revolutionized the entire lipstick and cosmetics industry. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics company became the first to display its lipsticks on actual lips online. This gave customers a real idea of how Doe Deere’s new lipsticks would look on their own lips.

Her company became a success and sales steadily increased. Doe Deere was right that there was a demand for bright colored lipsticks that she and other woman loved, but were just not available. Now there was a supplier of bright, bold and colorful lipsticks on the market, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Other retailers of lipsticks and cosmetics quickly adapted Lime Crime’s approach of displaying lipsticks on real lips.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Company Today

Today Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles, California and employs dozens of people including chemists who continue to improve the formulas and colors of Lime Crime’s products. Doe Deere has expanded the line of products that Lime Crime now offers. The company now offers velvetines, lipstick gloss, eyeliners, glitters for both lips and eyebrows, nail polish and an all natural water resistant glitter helper for the application of glitter. All of Lime Crime’s products are certified vegan and are animal cruelty free. Lime Crime does not test any of its products on animals. Lime Crime’s products are currently sold in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Human Rights Campaigner to Visit College in Indiana

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world, so I was pleased to read on the DePauw University Website that she would be speaking at the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture event on October 5th 2015. The story of Yeonmi Park and her family has been told many times and this event at DePauw University will make her the youngest speaker in the history of the event, which is more used to politicians, journalists and popular culture figures providing speeches than 22 year old human rights activists. As tensions remain high between North and South Korea it is important that the people of the US hear the true story of somebody who fled the North Korean regime and was forced to trust human traffickers to get her family across China to the safety of South Korea.

Yeonmi Park and her family were forced to flee North Korea after her father was forced into a labor camp after selling precious metals in a bid to simply feed his family during one of the many famines those in North Korea have faced in recent years. Park, her mother and sister crossed into China in 2007 and with the paid assistance of Chinese human traffickers made their way to the South Korean Embassy in Mongolia in 2009. The journey to freedom was a traumatic one and resulted in the rape of Park’s mother and the apparent death of her sister before arriving in Mongolia. Since finding freedom in South Korea, Park was reunited with her sister five years after her disappearance and made it her mission to publicize the plight of the people of North Korea and the refugees fleeing the country. Now active on Twitter and around the world, Park hasn’t let up in her opposition to the North Korean regime.

The choice of Yeonmi Park as a speaker at DePauw University comes after she spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum and will provide those listening with an insight into the truth of life in North Korea. Yeonmi Park has recently been co-hosting a podcast explaining the issues facing North Korean refugees and has been publicizing the problems of human trafficking across the globe.

Susan McGalla offers a different take on gender roles

Susan McGalla has a different take on the position and role of women in business leadership. She has unquestionably been a success in the business world, but is more interested in being judged on her ideas and strengths, instead of her gender.

“I have never played the woman card,” she told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. She said her two older brothers and her football coach father, taught her that she was a person first, and not a woman or man first.

In that same article, she told the story of being invited to apply for a women’s executive award. On the application she wrote “It was always taught that I was a person. I was not a man or a woman.” The answer did not sit well with the organization and they asked her to change what she had written.

The answer did sit well with McGalla however, and it is a mantra she has advocated both for herself, and it is advice she gives when she speaks to women and others. She is able to talk equally well about sports or shopping, and is at home in what is considered men’s or women’s worlds.

She currently owns P3 Executive Consulting, a consultant firm she founded in 2012, and she is in charge of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla had started a private consulting firm in 2009, but was lured back to the business world when she was named CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She left that company after a year and a half and returned to consulting.

It was at American Eagle Outfitters that she made her mark though, and that is what made her a consultant who is in demand. She worked there for 10 years or so and rose to the level of CEO. She started her career in the clothing business at the Joseph Horne Company where she held various management positions from 1986 to 1994.

She got her degree from Mount Union College, and is currently on their board of advisors.

She credits her background, and her ideas on gender, with giving her the success she has had, in addition of course to hard work and dedication.

She said she believes the lines normally given to women in business are just party lines that have become hollow. She said she thinks women want to be targeted not as women but as professionals, and she called that development “encouraging.”

She said he was brought up to work hard, and to present her ideas with confidence, regardless of who the audience was. Her gender, or the gender of others, was never a consideration.

“As a result, I have always been equally comfortable with men and women and excelled in working with both,” McGalla said.

She said her own attitudes in this area have helped, but she also said other people have responded in a positive way. She credited American Eagle Outfitters with having a similar attitude, judging her on her ideas and work more than on he gender

New Jersey Real Estate Market Booming Due to Upscale Development

The real estate market in New Jersey is slightly dragging when compared to the rest of the country as it has not recovered as steadfastly compared to other states after the 2005 slump. However, the slower recovery should not necessarily mean that the state should be discounted, because in truth it is actually in the middle of a renaissance with much luxury and high end real estate markets opening up. The reality of the matter is that New Jersey is poised to be the next big place, but the state just needed a little more time to get there.

New Jersey has been faced with a few more challenges that the other states did not have when recovering from the real estate burst. Not only did the country have to deal with the effects of the economic crisis, but it faced two major setbacks in the forms of natural disasters one after another. Hurricane Sandy and Irene both had major effects on the state destroying homes and cities in just a few days. If there is one thing to be said about New Jersyans it is that they are tough and resilient, and so is the real estate market.

New Brunswick luxury apartments and Jersey City have both blossomed with major investment and development groups focusing on building residential options in the city. These large scale projects have brought to life some great luxury apartments and options that make living an upscale professional life in New Jersey not only a reality, but also a temptation that is hard to avoid. Buildings such as The Aspire in New Brunswick offer a life of luxury complete with a resident club, central location to downtown pubs, clubs and dining, access to Manhattan, luxury interior decoration, and the finesse of a doorman. In short, buildings like The Aspire are bringing high class to New Jersey, and people are responding.

The continual focus on residential growth in New Jersey is spreading to Newark where five to ten new residential projects are underway at the moment. The aim is to help boost the profile of the largest city in the state to make it more appealing to the new millennials. By providing upscale housing in the middle of bustling cities the state is not only poised to make a comeback, but it will likely be the next hotspot for twenty and thirty somethings within this decade.

Beneful Benefiting You And Your Dog

When it comes to your canine companion, you want your four-legged friend to live a long and happy life. The love and companionship provided by your dog is unmatched to any other. Making sure your pet is healthy and happy is important to you. Providing them with everything they need is your priority. Your dog loves you, and you love your dog. That is why you want to know everything you can know when it comes to keeping Fido healthy.

Regular Trips to the Vets
Regular checkups at the vet along with a healthy balance of diet and exercise are great ways to ensure you and your dog get the most out of every day with each other. The vet can tell you if there is any problem that you may not see. Dogs are tough and won’t always show if something is wrong. A regular check up with your vet guarantees that there is nothing wrong. Knowing that your dogs healthy will make you feel good about your pets health regimen.

Making Sure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Exercise
Be sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise so that they can maintain a healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism is necessary for your pet so that they don’t put on extra pounds. Just like us, your pet’s weight will significantly affect their health, mood, as well as many other things. Watching what they eat is important making sure they aren’t getting too many fatty treats and things of that nature. A walk every morning or evening id an excellent way to make sure your dog gets the amount of exercise that it should be. Not to mention it is a pretty good idea for you the owner too.

Picking a Food That’s Healthy for Your Dog
Making sure to pick a healthy dog food like Purina Beneful Brand Dog Food is vital when it comes to making sure your dog doesn’t pack on those extra pounds. When combined nutrition and a proper diet are part of your dogs daily life, your canine companion will be healthy and happy. Made with real beef, chicken, and vegetables, Beneful has a complete balance of nutrition to help keep your dog healthy.They also carry a unique blend that has been reduced in fat and calories for the dog who has just a few too many pounds.

A Few Steps and You and Your Dog Are Set
By taking these simple steps, you and your dog will have great odds at a long fulfilling life together. We all know that our dog or dogs are not just a pet, they are a family member. Be sure that you treat them like one and remember that they can’t come right out and tell you what they are thinking about. They can show you, though. When you see am empty dish immediately after every feeding then you know they are telling you they love their food.

Pills verses Diet: Managing Depression and ADD

The subject of managing depression and ADD is very much a part of life for a large share of us. For me, two of my children have ADD and several adults in the family suffer from depression. Medicines, while effective to treat the symptoms, are not always the best means to treat the underlying cause (and can add their own side effects).

Dr. Daniel Amen (physician, psychiatrist, teacher, and bestselling author), has an answer for this, eating healthy vitamin-rich foods to both treat physiological disorders and the added benefit of losing weight. By how we eat we feel healthier, reduce the possibility of dementia and reverse diabetes, heart disease, and many health issues caused by our unhealthy eating habits.

Dr. Amen’s approach isn’t a fad diet, rather simply eating foods that are readily available and healthier for our brains (and bodies). Most of us already eat these foods without knowing how much they are helping our brains and general health. Foods like avocatos, blueberries, spinach, dark chocolate, green tea, and apple’s to name a few. According to Dr. Amen, processed foods should never have a place in our life, real foods, foods grown or raised by farmers (and in our gardens) should be the only type of foods we eat.

Simply by searching the Internet we can find information on Dr. Amen’s guide for the best brain food, the top 5 “mood” foods, and his tips for eating a nutritional diet (even on a budget).

Dr. Amen also points out that if our children eat less processed foods (no more sugar cereal, serve them oatmeal or eggs instead) their brains will be more alert and better capable of learning and focusing at school.

Additionally, his most recent book and current bestseller (written jointly with Rick Warren, and Dr. Mark Hyman) “The Daniel Plan” spells out a healthy diet, exercise, and mental health program that has helped many significantly improve their health.

By following Dr. Amen’s guides and improving the health of our entire family, the best side effect is in how you will feel. Cut out all the processed foods in your diet, and you will feel healthier and your mind will be clearer and more alert. Dr. Daniel Amen’s approach to a healthy lifestyle is definitely worth taking the time to read about.

My Dancing Dog Gets Energy By Eating Beneful

I have a dog that absolutely loves music, and it’s unbelievable how much of a music fan he is. I started playing music, and my dog would dance around and chase his own tail, and it’s very hilarious. I heard about dogs that can dance with humans, but it was never something that I thought of doing myself. I would just play music, and I would let my dog dance as he saw fit. My dog would even sing to some of the music that he heard, and I’m not kidding. If I played a certain song that the dog heard many times before, he would howl to the music, and he wasn’t too bad at it either.

Although I know he wasn’t good enough to go out and be a professional dancer or even a professional singer, I really love my dog, and I wanted to promote him to do what he loved. When I got home in the evenings, instead of walking the dog, I would play some music. My dog would literally dance and jump around to the music for as long as I played it, that is until I turned it off. I still would walk the dog once in a while, but he was getting a lot more exercise by dancing around.

My dog was so fit that even my veterinarian asked me what kind of exercise he was getting, and she couldn’t believe me when I told her that he would dance. I told her that I wanted to promote his health as well as give him all the energy he needed to keep up with his dancing routine. She told me to just make sure to give him good food that was wholesome, and he would be okay. I went to the pet store to search for a different dog food than the one I was feeding my dog now.

The pet store clerk was very helpful, and he told me about Beneful. It was an easy choice to choose Beneful because I even read on the label that it can help to give a dog energy. I was excited because I wanted to give my dog anything that would help him to continue dancing. I went ahead and bought a bag of Beneful dog food, and I also bought a few bowls of the wet dog food as well, so the dog would have variety.

Beneful has many different varieties of dog foods available out there today, and there is more than enough dog Beneful dog foods to keep a dog happy throughout the year. The different varieties of dog foods have different flavors as well as different textures. Many of the Beneful foods are meaty, and they are still soft enough for any dog to manage them. Those who are looking for a different type of dog food can try the Beneful wet dog food. The wet dog foods come in their own bowl, and they are made from wholesome ingredients as well as being very flavorful.

Protecting Your Privacy When Using Dating Apps, Such As Skout

Many people wonder whether they can date privately using dating apps. There are so many questions raised concerning online dating privacy. The fact is that we are living at times when the world is hyper connected and thus online privacy can easily be compromised. Therefore, you should be cautious about your online privacy. The more you feed information about yourself on internet, the more cautious you should be to ensure that you are safe. There’s no reason to fear about dating using online dating apps- you can better yet meet excellent matches in a secure way- although you ought to be clever regarding the info you post as well as the activities you do. There are various checklists to ensure your online dating realm is a bit more intimate:

Understand What They Know
You may be amazed what shows up in search engines even when you don’t enter your surname name. Thus, when you create your profile you should come up with top 5 names that people would have access to regarding you- the terms that are on your profile. One that is known to commonly optimize your identity is: Your first name, your occupation description, and alma mater.

A unique name or profile attracts lots of hits, thus in extreme scenarios, you might wish to think of registering your account using a different name.

Go Incognito
For clients interested with viewing coworkers on dating apps or website, I normally propose they reconsider this concern. In case the other individual is in the dating platform as well, there is no reason to be embarrassed. However, for clients who find the worry insurmountable, there are other exceptional features that let you pick plus choose the people to see your profile.

Create a Digital Bodyguard
When you have planned to go offline with a particular person, it’s necessary to exchange telephone numbers to enable you communicate in case they are getting late or other logistics are not going according to schedule. Or maybe, most people want to communicate with you prior to even planning your date. Though many women say that they are not comfortable sharing their digits with people till after they have met because, they are still strangers.

Google Voice offers the ideal solution. You can make a new, free telephone number that still goes to your phone. Using the application, you can chat, accept as well hear voicemails, and also block phone numbers from your counterparts who become a bit unruly. Several dating websites moreover have their individual calling systems that are accessible free of charge.

If you are an online dating enthusiast, you should look for Skout. This is the biggest international, mobile network where you can meet new people. Skout was initially made as a device for people who intended to “greatly expand their social circle,” as the firm’s website explains. Though since the launch of its tour feature a year ago, over 10 million users have started using the tool as an avenue of taking virtual expeditions with the help of local members in their area of interest.

Squaw Valley Resort Offers Acres of Amazing Retreat

The terrains at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows offer acres of beautiful ski area, trails and snow-filled areas for skiers, avid snowboarders and beginners. Within the area’s 2,400 skiable acres, there is a wide open bowl, long slopes, and lush forested area featuring abundant flora. What makes the Squaw Valley ski resort so popular are the choices of ski trails available for each group of skiers. Whether you are a novice skier or an intermediate one, you will find enough skiing opportunities to enjoy here.

Both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows offer some of the best skiing and snow activity options in Lake Tahoe. After the opening of the new Pacific Crest Bowls, skiers can now enjoy backcountry access as well. To access the highest peaks, there is a high-speed chairlift. These rides will also give each guest a spectacular opportunity to enjoy the views of the surrounding hill ranges and snow-capped peaks bordering the Lake Tahoe.

Guests staying at the Squaw Valley resort can enjoy complimentary aerial tram rides. The resort offers an array of lodging and activity packages to cater to the needs of guests. Room choices include standard basic rooms, fully furnished suites and three bedroom suites. Each room includes unique amenities and impeccable decors to offer the guests a pleasant and enjoyable stay. The aerial tram tickets can be purchased at the resort. This enjoyable tram ride is a year-round attraction, which takes passengers on a scenic journey to show the picturesque valley and mountain views. 

Skiing is not just the only activity that you will enjoy here. Visitors of all ages also come to this destination for hiking. Squaw Valley has some amazing hiking trails that lead to vantage points, cascading waterfalls and historic monuments. Emigrant Peak, High Camp Loop, Trollstigen, and Thunder Mountain Trail, World Cup Trail and Shirley Canyon trail are some of the most popular hiking routes in this area. 

Visitors staying here can always enjoy shopping and dining at the village nearby. This European themed village is lined with some quaint coffee shops, local boutiques, formal dining restaurants and a number of souvenir shops. Alice’s Mountain Market is another haven for all shoppers who would shop some hand-crafted items and organic foods. 

Andy Wirth’s experience in the resort management industry and vision has helped the Squaw Valley resort to grow exponentially. With an aim to offer each visitor a unique and memorable experience, this resort was started. Wirth as the resort’s CEO and his team takes all the effort to fulfill this dream of a healthy Squaw Valley.