New Study Shows That Babies Feel Surgical Pain Too

For several years the types of surgeries and number of surgeries that we perform on infants as young as newborn, have increased. Our ability to work on their tiny bodies, solve and fix problems that there were not solutions too before, has dramatically improved. At the same time, we have been unaware of the pain they feel during these surgeries, or at what levels they can feel pain. A new study conducted on babies while undergoing surgery now tells us that babies feel pain in the same way that we do as adults.

By using neuro-sensors, doctors can watch the pain centers of infants, just like they are able to do in adults that are being treated for pain or experience pain during surgery. In surgery, the same places that light up when adults feel pain, also light up on a babies brain when they are bothered by certain stimuli. This indication tells us that they are able to feel the same way an adult does, something that up until now we were uncertain about, but held as not being equal.

This new study is important because while adults are given pain medication throughout and after surgery, babies are not. Date reports that while babies themselves cannot tell us about the pain they are experiencing or feeling, their brains can, and do. These new studies may lead to changes in the way we look at pain management in infants.

The Royal Baby will be Making an Appearance Soon

In England, royal baby syndrome is now in full-effect. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, (Wills and Kate) are expecting their second child to make an appearance any day now and some citizens in the country are going baby crazy.

The couple are in Paddington, London at St Mary’s Hospital where they are awaiting their second child, even though they never officially revealed the baby’s due date. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have one child already, a toddler named George.

The gender of the new royal baby is unknown, but that did not stop fans from outside of the hospital guessing on what the baby would be. Many seemed to guess that the baby is a girl but I guess they will have to wait and see if their guess is correct. Fans like Sam Tabar are unable to camp out near the hospital, like they did awaiting baby George, however they do spend their day wearing their Union Jack flags and waiting outside the gates of St. Mary’s Hospital for any news.

A reporter for was onsite to witness the madness that a royal baby brings. To check out the full story and pictures, click on the link above.