Discovering WEN Products

WEN is essentially a series of products that were created by Chaz Dean to help restore hair to its perfect natural state. These products were produced to capture and display hair in its finest condition. The products created in WEN’s hair care line are created without damaging sulfates that lather and destroy hair’s natural oils and nutrients. Lathering helps to ensure that hair is stripped of its natural oils, color, shine, strength, and moisture. That is why WEN creator, Chaz Dean, has chosen not to display shampoos in his line of hair care products. Instead, these products are directly aimed toward restoring moisture and boosting shine.

WEN was born in a backyard garden when Chaz Dean ( decided that he would pick and experiment with sage, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, apples, bananas and pears. With these ingredients, he decided that he would shower with them and that is where the idea for WEN was born. His hair felt refreshingly clean and undeniably healthy after just one use. After this experience, Chaz coupled with a non-lathering lab and created the products you see on the WEN hair care line. Once clinically test, the products were released to the public for sale.

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