Eric Pulier: An Army Of One

There are truly some fascinating people in the world today. The only downside to this is that many of these fascinating people aren’t recognizable. Unfortunately, this is how society generally operate at times.

On the other hand, Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey, is the very definition of a one man army. He has done so much for society in general. Even as child, Pulier could do amazing things. Electronics played a key role in who he is today. This guy has many different titles, which includes being a technologist, a futurist, an author, an entrepreneur as well as an investor. He’s the ultimate businessman in a sense as he has founded 15 companies in his rather short lifetime. These companies just so happen to be:

U.S. Interactive
vAtomic Systems
Service Mesh Inc.
Digital Evolution
Starbright World
Akana Software
And numerous others


Pulier makes most of his fortune from smart investments. Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures are just a few of his successful investment deals. On the other hand, he is a firm believer for investing into the future. One successful way of doing this is by putting his money where his mouth is. Pulier is consistent in making investments for startup tech companies and many of these tech companies have gone on to become a huge success. The term “practice what you preach” is in full-effect.

It would be extremely hard to find another person with similar characteristics as this. Pulier has set the bar extremely high, and he is changing the game for the better. Whether it’s educational multimedia programs, smart business investments or the creation of new technological solutions, this guy has done it all and at the highest of levels.

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Chris Burch Knows How Close Fashion and Technology Are

Both the fashion and technology industries have seen growth after growth throughout the centuries. Technologies have grown and fashion has grown. As time has gone on, fashion and technology have grown closer together; with one sometimes needing the other to find success and the other growing right alongside it.

In the 70s, the technology and creation of the boom box revolutionized the music experience for consumers. It was a personal way to listen to music, making the product very popular. When the 80s rolled around, the boom box was featured in more and more movies, adding to its popularity. Because it was so popular, it was deemed fashionable to own and carry one.

Then the 90s came, and the personalized music experience became a little smaller with the Walkman. Technology advanced and along with it came popularity. Only ten years after that and the iPod was invented, an even smaller, more popular music experience. Technology grew with the popularity and popularity grew with the technological innovations.

Sometimes fashion needs to use technology. Some things we wear are not considered fashionable but serve a purpose. The Airbag for Cyclists for example, were created as bike protection and when it’s worn around the neck, it can protect one’s head. Frontline Gloves were a fashion made for firefighters as an easy way to communicate to each other using simple gestures.

Some fashions are made using recycled materials, while others use the technology of energy in their fashion. Some designers are using kinetic energy to power fashions, like the shoes from Soledad Martin that can charge cell phones by walking or running. Sometimes, fashion and technology work together as a team to help the other one succeed.

Glasses are not considered fashionable, but with the technology of Google Glass and the appearance of the glasses on the runway, everyone wants the new glasses. The future of technology is helping to lead the world of fashion and fashion cannot gain popularity with innovative technologies. The two are forever married, helping each other and growing together.

Chris Burch knows all about the worlds of fashion and technology. As a creative professional, he is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company is an extension of Chris Burch’s philosophies, imagination, and creativity. Along with his help, businesses with positive and lasting impacts have become successful.

He has more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and knows industry. Chris Burch has overseen the rise of over 50 companies, including ED by Ellen Degeneres, Poppin, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Cocoon9.