The Wild and Varied Career of Arthur Becker

One look at Arthur Becker and you would rightly surmise that he was a man with focus, dedication, and an eye for what needs to be done in life. After all, you don’t just stumble into building a $53 million condo in New York — right? Fortunately there is much going on behind Arthur Becker’s business-like facade and his world is as interesting to hear about as it is to live. Let’s meet the man, myth, and legend of New York’s booming real estate world.

Arthur Becker knows firsthand how hard it can be to succeed as an entrepreneur. In fact, he insists that failure is as important as success — and boy has he failed more than his fair share of times. Becker looks back at the different failures in his entrepreneur world like a father regaling his grown up children. He points to a string of ‘inventions’ that never quite took off: a special pair of binoculars called ‘Bnox’ as his first example. People didn’t like how they had to fiddle with the focus in order to use them. Though the binoculars fails he still loves the device and he even collects toy soldiers with binoculars on.

Moving down the line you’ll see that Becker invested some wild stuff along the way. He put millions into a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. He would go on to invest in artwork, ancient currencies and more. Along the way Becker never lost sight of his ultimate goal. According to NY Daily News, he would be a success; he knew it, if only he could keep focused and keep pushing in a positive direction. Becker even admits, behind a smile, that he would use a Magic 8 Ball as a kid in order to prove just how focused he was.

Ultimately what we have in Arthur Becker is a person who was completely willing to fail early and often because he knew how to grow from it. Becker is now one of the bigger real estate moguls in New York and his upcoming boutique condo building is all of the rage in the New York community right now.

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