Give your lips some TLC

Often when waiting in line at the check out counter I’ve wondered what those colorfully packaged spheres were. Lip Balm in a ball? Sure, I’ll try it.

EOS lip balms have innovative packaging and many flavors to choose from. You can get a variety package of organic flavors from Target for about $16. Individually the lip balms range from about $3-5 in price.

EOS stands for the “evolution of smooth.” There are 3 main product lines: organic smooth, visibly soft smooth, and shimmer smooth. The EOS lip balm organic line has several flavors are 100% natural and 95% organic. The visibly soft smooth line has added benefits such as natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E. This should come in handy throughout the winter when our lips go through such extremes on a daily basis. There are two shimmer varieties: pink and pearl. These contain moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oil and anti-oxidant vitamin E.

Many celebrities have endorsed these lip balms, such as Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears. If your lips are in need of some TLC, go out and get yourself some EOS lip balm and see for yourself what all the hype is about! Get these products on eBay and Ulta online.