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There are certain individuals in the tech world that just seem to ‘get it’ quicker than other people. Jason Hope, a graduate from Arizona State University, has been steadily making a name for himself over the past couple of years as one of the most on-the-nose futurists in the world. Hope has made a name for himself running several tech companies, including his flagship program called Jawa, and now he is using his burgeoning influence in order to reach out and educate other prospective entrepreneurs. Let’s look at Jason Hope and see what he does to bring ideas to life as well as what idea he may believe in the most.

As we said above, Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State before grabbing his MBA from the WP Carey School of Business. Hope is using his extensive education to serve as the groundwork for the projects he is taking on today. Hope has always focused on sticking ahead of the rest of the pack by getting to new technology or new concepts faster than his contemporaries. Succeeding as an entrepreneur who wants to be ahead of the curve is pretty tiring and it takes some real dedication in order to make it happen.

 Jason Hope starts every single day with a big and healthy breakfast as well as some physical fitness. He has to keep his body and mind healthy if he wants to attack all of the projects that are on his list. Hope spends most of his day working through emails and social media business accounts before taking meetings with prospective partners. Hope has a grant program that he is offering entrepreneurs and he is always looking for new members to add to his team.

Right now Jason Hope is excited at the prospect of the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, most of all. The Internet of Things is buzzword that is rapidly gaining ground in tech circles everywhere. Those not familiar with the term might know it as another generic term: smart technology. The Internet of Things is a word used to define all of the different technology we use every day and how it interfaces with the internet in order to make our life easier. Right now it is fairly obvious that the IoT is a consumer driven, entertainment device> However, Hope believes that there is power and potential there for the IoT to become a life changing industry.

In Regard To Jason Hope:

Jason Hope Sees a Great Future in IoT

By using his clear understanding and passion for technology to watch and predict where the technology industry is heading towards in the future, he has been able to gain and also cement his place as one of the most accomplished futurists. Due to the current goings-on in the technology industry, Jason Hope acknowledges that the Internet of Things, IOT, has the power be a key player when it comes to future modern societies and this is because there is an increasingly large number of items becoming connected devices. The insight and advice that Jason Hope brings to the table regarding technology are quite beneficial to individuals as well as businesses that are modern or modernizing and are aiming to take full advantage of the possible means to be able to take advantage technology in the future.

He notes the challenges that entrepreneurs and students alike, face when it comes to kicking off their business ideas from the ground up. Jason Hope notes that the economy hinders the young minds with great ideas from being able to save up enough funds to start business ideas. He also states that he has been able to give some grantees $500 which has helped them to get their ideas off the mark. Jason Hope receives ideas for various businesses via his website, and he goes ahead to sift them to pick out ideas that he considers the most intriguing. He believes that the future of technology lies in the younger generation and their fresh, new and exciting ideas. Jason Hope is excited by the fact that the idea of IOT is gradually taking root as there are already many devices that are prepared to launch in 2017. Despite this, he acknowledges that it will take some time, though not long, before all homes in the developed world are dependent on devices connected to the IOT. So far, we have IOT connected devices that use sensors to adjust and monitor room temperature as well as lighting. Some devices also monitor fitness and biometrics.

The Internet of Things is capable of getting real time data, information and feedback regarding its environment and this are why it is a very promising venture. You have lamps that, without sensing movement, human or heat source in the room for over 30 minutes automatically go off. In other instances, you would have a fridge that monitors your eating habits and then communicates with the treadmill on how long you should you work out for you to burn off the snack or meal you have had. This, at first, may be taken for granted but when quantified, there is an immense amount of data that can be gathered and redistributed to make our choices more accurate and automated. When it comes to business operations, IOT could help decrease the number of items that get lost amidst transportation by using real time monitoring.

About Jason Hope:

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