ClassDojo Raises $21 Million in Venture Capital Funding

ClassDojo recently completed a venture capital funding with an aim to connect teachers to parents. The tech startup managed to raise $21 million from its venture capital campaign. The money will be used to develop ClassDojo, an innovative app that updates parents on their kids’ performance and activities in school. The app also creates a positive culture in classrooms as well as schools.


ClassDojo’s Mission


ClassDojo is an innovation of established technology entrepreneurs, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. ClassDojo began raising funds through a venture capitalism in 2015. Don and Chaudhary had evaluated the positive impacts that the app would have in schools before establishing it. The $21 million will facilitate the expansion of the startup’s professional team. ClassDojo’s professional team strives at figuring out the right kind of features and content that will appear on the app. These features will be available to educators and guardians at school and home. According to Chaudhary, the goal of the app is to aid parents in guiding conversations while at home. Furthermore, the app also enhances the development and learning of kids in education centers.  The site discusses more of the benefits of the App.


Teachers use ClassDojo to plan and manage daily school activities. They also use the application to take pictures or videos of students and send them to their parents. Since its inauguration in 2011, ClassDojo has outperformed many digital education platforms. Chaudhary and Don were passionate about creating an easy-to-use app for teachers, parents, and students. Over 85,000 schools actively use ClassDojo in the U.S. These include private, charter, and public schools.  Visit also their page.


ClassDojo’s Vision


As ClassDojo’s founders, Chaudhary and Don are focused on reaching more parents and teachers through the app. With an employee-base of 25 individuals, the tech start-up has not started generating revenue. Sam Chaudhary serves as ClassDojo’s chief executive while Liam Don serves as the chief technology officer.

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