Professor Sujit Choudhry and Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study of laws of different countries. It involves studying different law systems and grasp of their similarities and dissimilarities. It analyses different law cultures such as common law, civil law and Islamic law. It makes understood laws of other countries. Comparative law is used to harmonize national and international law. It is thus an indispensable asset in modern constitution making. It works towards better understanding of law itself and tries to perfect it.


Papers on Comparative Law are published on various journals. This include the American Journal of Comparative Law, Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law and The Journal of Comparative Law. There are many Professional Associations that are involved in Comparative Law. These include the American Association of Law Libraries, International Law Association and the International Association of Judicial Independence and World Peace.  Source:


Sujit Choudhry is Dean and Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkley. Sujit is a global authority in comparative law. He has done a lot of work on Comparative Law and Comparative Constitutional Law. He has been involved in the constitutional making processes of several countries in the world. These are Sri Lanka, Nepal, Libya, South Africa, Jordan, Egypt, Ukraine and Tunisia. He studied Law at Harvard, Oxford and Toronto Law Schools. Before his appointment to Berkley, he was at the NYU Law School as Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law.


He is also a prolific author. He has written over seventy papers and book chapters. He has written books too. These include the Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation? and Constitution Making (Constitutional Law Series, #2).


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Professor Choudhry has also founded The Center for Constitutional Transactions. This is the premier university-based platform for generating and amassing knowledge on constitutional making. He doubles up as its Faculty Director. He is indeed an international force as far as comparative law is concerned.


To sum it all, comparative law is the study of different law systems; their similarities and differences. It helps us get a deeper understanding of law apart from harmonising local and international law. Professor Sujit Choudhry is a global authority in comparative law. He has written a plethora of papers and books on the same. He is now Dean and Professor of Law at Berkley.

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