EOS new crystal clear lip balm is getting rave reviews

The ever so popular lip balm Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has dropped a product so awesome, it’s selling like wildfire. If you think EOS was cool already, check out their new product called crystal. Just one look and you will be hooked.

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They have unleashed their completely clear, translucent lip balm that almost looks like a diamond. The container is slightly modified to resemble a triangle, not the circle that they usually are. The best part of these little gems are that they are vegan and cruelty-free. That means that no animal products were put into this product, making it available to vegans and people with allergies. Instead of the wax that can leave a waxy residue on your lips, they infused it with 5 delicious essential oils. Avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter moisturize your lips into perfection. At $5.49 a pop, it a steal of a deal. Once you start using it, you will be hooked! Evolution of Smooth brings their crystal clear lip balm to you in two new flavors and they are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Don’t wait, it’s time to try them both! Find out more here.

Evolution of Smooth launched themselves onto the scene since 2009 and have been going strong ever since. Their unique design and fun flavors have made them a fixture in every woman’s home, even impressing big name celebrities in the biz. To add to the charm, EOS is organic which people have been gravitating towards all natural and health products since of late.

Flavors like Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, and Wildberry are a few other the most popular flavors that EOS sells, purchase here at amazon.com. The orb-like shaped lip balms come in a variety of colors that make applying thing beauty necessity fun. Its slogan says “The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile” and rings true.

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