Wen By Chaz Is Garnering Rare Reviews Online

Wen By Chaz promises red carpet-ready, full, healthy hair, just like celebrities Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields. The 5-in-1 formula replaces multiple hair care products, making it ideal for busy women who don’t have time to shampoo, condition, deep condition, and detangle each day. Wen doesn’t feel like a shampoo, but that is because it does not contain the harsh sulfates found in some shampoos. Wen by Chaz Dean garners rave reviews, mostly from women, who say their hair has never felt softer, or looked healthier.
In a review originally published by Bustle, Emily McClure tried Wen by Chaz Dean on her fine hair. She used the Sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner for seven days and at the end of her experiment, Emily friends commented on how healthy her hair appeared.

Read full story here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

When people buy WEN from the late-night television infomercial, they receive a slightly different version of the product than what is available on the Ebay website, but the performance is exactly the same. The infomercial version from Guthy Renker is sold internationally, so the ingredients are changed slightly. Since Wen By Chaz performs so well, there are many knock-off versions that consumers should avoid, since these knock-offs don’t use the same high quality ingredients as Wen By Chaz and they don’t perform as well.