ClassDoja Improve Teacher Student Interaction

ClassDojo is a behavior managing tool that is used in the classroom. The app has a student’s profile, and a teacher can use it give positive and negative points. The program is operated either from a computer or a tablet. All the information that the teacher records is saved on the student’s profile and can be reviewed at any time if need be. The parents also do log in to check their children’s progress and achievements.

The app can be found at ClassDojo website, and it is free.

ClassDojo is important as it encourages students to improve. When a teacher gives a child point, the class is notified with a sound and the students are further encouraged. ClassDojo makes it possible for parents be up to date with their children’s progress.

ClassDojo platform is easy to use and even for beginners.

ClassDojo managed to raise $12 million in Series B venture funding for a tech that will connect teachers, students and parents and help them communicate on activities and students’ behaviors. Parents will be able to constantly keep up with their kids and monitor how they are performing at school. Thus, the discussion between parents and teachers will not be limited only to parents-teachers meeting.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who are the founders of ClassDojo said that the Capitals raised would help in growing the team. They will also use it to figure out what content and features will be useful to the parents using the app. The app use will not be restricted to school work, but also to home use.

The whole idea Chaudhary said is to help all parents guide conversations while at home to improve learning and development of their children.

Teachers will also be able to use ClassDojo to schedule activities that will involve parents on a daily basis. Teachers will also be able to take videos and pictures and send them to parents to evaluate their children’s progress.

ClassDojo was founded to give the education sector a different platform unlike those that provide the digital curriculum. It creates a culture that encourages interaction between teachers, students, and parents.

ClassDojo is actively involved and is used by teachers in over 85,000 schools in the US. ClassDojo also plans to increase the number of teachers and parents that use the app.

ClassDojo plans to grow further to the same level as other social messaging platforms. They also plan to incorporate other features that will enable parents to pay school fees and buy school contents that can be used at home by kids.