Hussain Sajwani a United Arab Emirates citizen from Dubai is a billionaire. Hussain Sajwani family is the(DAMAC owner);the Global Property Development Company properties. He graduated from Washington University. Hussain Sajwani started as a contract manager in Abu Dhabi Oil Company in a gas subsidiary.

He started his own company in the 1980s supplying catering services to workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. He also offered his food services to the use army during the Desert storm operation during the first war in Iraq in 1991 he also worked for the American military in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf, he has also worked with several prominent American firms such as the Bechtel. In1990s Mr. Sajwani he built mid-market hotels which he rented during the collapse of the Soviet Union when there was an influx of visitors to the UAE region.

In the year 2002 when Dubai was at the take-off stage of the six-year real estate boom, Mr. Sajwani ventured into the real estate business that he has up to date various prestigious in key global cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, and London.

Mr. Sajwani, the developer of DAMAC, currently holds portfolios in many regional global markets he is successful in several forays and his track record proves so. DAMAC was founded on June 20th, 1976 basing it is headquarters in Dubai by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani DAMAC Properties is a public company, and it engages in the development of residential, leisure and commercial properties.

The DAMAC Properties has worked with various companies from within and abroad among them The Trump Organization, Where they collaborated to build the Trump International Golf Club with many luxury villas of up to $2B. The extraordinary flourishing of DAMAC Properties is attributed to entrepreneurial skills of Sajwani; he has been listed among most influential Arabic people globally. He can convert business vision to reality as well as provide leadership. DAMAC uses three principles to maintain its level; there is no cash transfer from one account to the other, no debts for land and retaining cash in reserves either as fixed deposits or as government bonds.

Hussain Sajwani enjoys a good relationship with president Donald Trump both as business partners and as friends. This is evident from their business records as well as in the new years eve. Trump hosted the whole family of Mr. Sajwani in his Florida home and a speech obtained by CNN “Hussain and the whole family, the most beautiful people, are here from Dubai tonight. And they see it, and they love it”

Mr. Sajwani has supported the initiative by her highness to cloth over a million less fortunate children in the world. He gave a cheque for an AED two million. In his speech, he said that children are the future of the society and therefore need to be provided with the best environment to give them the very best start in life. Learn more:


Market America Events: Setting the Pace for Online Markets

Market America has been described as a virtual mall where buyers can find unique products and services they are looking to purchase. With offices in Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, Spain, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, the company has set a solid place for itself globally.The company begun in 1992, and has since then accumulated over $7.3 billion in sales. Employees working for the company have earned sums of over $3.8 billion in commissions.The company has held numerous Market America events. Quite recently the company had a huge event to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Canada.

The event was attended by well over 20,000 people.Market America’s Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger during the event mentioned that a good business plan along with self-belief got them to where they are today. He said that technology has finally advanced to unimaginable levels. This has in turn created a niche for the company to well fit in as a virtual market place.The company hosts training and marketing events like the just concluded UK event, featuring prominent guest speakers in the industry. Other Upcoming events include,

  • The East Coast Product Symposium in Atlantic City scheduled to take place on October 6th-8th.
  • Singapore Leadership School scheduled for October 20th-22nd.
  • Taiwan Leadership School in Taipei set for October 27th-29th
  • NutraMetrix Annual Convention set for October 27th-29th in Herndon
  • Hong Kong Leadership School scheduled for November 3rd-5th
  • Moving up Seminar in Miami set for November 3rd-4th

Technological advances are surely making a positive change at how things are accomplished in our current day and age. It is, however, the great leadership of this organization that has seen it progress to an entrepreneurial force in the virtual market. Their success can be emulated by many throughout the industry.

Jason Hope’s Ideas Regarding Smart Home Products And The Internet Of Things

Smart home products are on the rise and they are the future. By 2022 the market is expected to increase to $100 billion. Most products connect with Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Echo. They provide visibility, remote access and complete control over our homes. The ten newest products are listed below.The U by Moen controls water temperature and the start and shutoff. This can be controlled with a cell phone.The GeniCan install in your trash receptacle and scans barcodes to track your grocery shopping.The Kuri Robot is a robotic nanny with a camera that watches kids, pets and your house. It entertains, sends weather reports and controls smart devices.The LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator tracks groceries and expiration dates. With a knock you can see what’s inside without opening the door.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed automatically raises your head to stop snoring. It adjusts to your favorite positions and a light turns on when you get up.The Breezi Airpulse is Bluetooth enabled and sticks to your air conditioning filters. It keeps track of health issues pertaining to your air conditioning and senses air pressure.The GE Wi-Fi Oven preheats, adjusts the temperature and sets the timer. Everything is controlled by your cell phone. Visit his twitter account :

The Curb Energy Monitor clamps to the breaker box and tracks energy use within the home. It provides detailed reports.The Whirlpool Smart All-in-One Care Washer and Dryer dry’s clothes when the washing cycle is finished. Notifications are sent to your phone when your clothes are done.The Cujo Smart Firewall protects your homes network from hacking and provides business level security.

Jason Hope is a skilled futurist. He has a passion for technology and knowledgeably watches the industry. His predictions center on the future direction of technology. He believes the internet of things is a crucial player in modern societies future.Jason Hope’s advice has helped individuals and modern businesses looking to capitalize on technology in the future. Jason is a native of Arizona and spent his childhood in Tempe. His degree in finances comes from the Arizona State University and he also has an MBA he earned at the Carey School of Business.

Rick Smith Hires Senior Sales Executive to Lead Securus Technologies to Greater Heights

Securus Technologies is a top company in the public service industry offering innovative solutions to ensure public safety. Currently, the corporation focuses on civil and criminal justice technological solutions that solve and prevent crimes including prisoner-to-prisoner crimes. Securus Technologies has its main offices in Dallas, TX. Statistics reveal that it serves approximately 3,450 stakeholders in public safety, law enforcement, jails as well as 1.2 million prisoners in North America

On January 2016, Securus Technologies employed John Bell to work as the Senior Vice President of Sales. In a Statement, Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies declared that the company had capitalized $600 million in acquiring safety, efficiency and security technology since 2013. As a result, the company needed to hire key sales individual with the experience necessary to manage the transforming and evolving sales team and make proper use of the investment.

Rick Smith further elucidated that John Bell was more than qualified in his 35-year profession during which he had gained the perfect track record in transforming organizational culture and performance. Moreover, John Bell also has an excellent educational background having studied at Holy Cross with postgraduate work at the Wharton School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management. Mr. Bell has also worked at notable technological firms including IBM, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, NTT Verio, and AT&T making him the best candidate for the position.

According to the Smith, Mr. Bell was supposed to work with the rest of the sales teams at Securus to ensure that the corporation will never lose a contract with its stakeholders. This is because the team will get a better understanding of the newly acquired technology and as a result will present them effectively to the clients. Visit for more info.

Rick Smith in a statement proclaiming that Securus Technologies was a profitable investment that released innovations on a weekly basis to aid the police and prison agencies to solve crimes as well as prevent the occurrence of wrongdoings. He went on to further elucidate that the company had received numerous letters and emails from customers detailing their appreciation with regards to the usefulness of Securus Technologies Products. The client comments were an actual indication that Securus Technologies was transforming people’s lives for the better. For instance, one of the comments was from a prison representative who was ecstatic that Securus had aided them to apprehend a corrupt prison staff. Another customer from the Sheriff’s Department was satisfied that the LBS software had enabled them to recover a lot of money laundered as assets, cash, and drugs. Rick concluded that he was happy that Securus was accomplishing its objective of safeguarding and serving the public community. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

The Expertise Of Mike Baur In Startup Management And Acceleration

The Swiss Startup Factory is a startup accelerator with a focus on entrepreneurs thriving in digital and technology-based ventures. It is based in Zurich, and the current Executive Chairman is Mike Baur. He co-founded the firm in 2014 to create incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs through their local and global networks. The company is motivated by the need to come up with brands and products that are disruptive of the established norms and business models.


Professional Experience


Mike Baur is a Swiss national with extensive experience in business development, asset management, and investment banking. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. Mike Baur has also studied at the University of Rochester and University of Bern, from where he attained an MBA and EMBA respectively.


He kicked-off his career at UBS, a private Swiss investment bank, as a commercial apprentice, and through hard work and dedication, was bumped up to the executive management. Mike Baur has also held top positions at Swiss Startup Invest, Innovation Lab Fribourg, and financial services provider, Clariden Leu.


Together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, Mike Baur established the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. As the firm’s Executive Chairman, Mike Baur is in-charge of the financing rounds and capital fundraising for the startups under their wing. His primary objective is to equip startups with the ability to thrive and expand in this digital age. These companies will have innovative business models that will ensure operational efficiency, optimum performance, and long-term growth. Through the SSUF, Mike Baur aims to give young companies the opportunity to access his vast investment network and banking sector connections.


In collaboration with partners such as CTI Invest, the Goldbank Group, and Fintech Fusion, the SSUF has launched several startup accelerator programs that expose entrepreneurs to opportunities such as mentorship, financing, coaching, and even the provision of office space in Zurich. The programs also grant individuals access to vast network linkages.



Personal Background and Achievements


Mike Baur has received high industrial recognition for his activities in startup and venture incubation. He gives back the knowledge he has gathered by speaking at universities, startup events, and business corporations. In 2017, he was selected as a member of the panel of the University of St. Gallen’s START Summiteer. He is also actively participating on the digital boards of various Swiss startups.


He is an avid tennis fan, and follows the ATP Tour, tracking the progress of Swiss tennis players. Mike Baur also supports his hometown’s hockey team known as Fribourg Gotteron.


Cotemar Looks to Terminate its Operations in the Mexican Gulf

Cotemar Looks to Terminate its Operations in the Mexican Gulf
Cotemar is the Campeche Sound Oil Platform Company. Cotemar announced that it would end its operations in the Mexico Gulf in November this year. This led to an end of thousands of service men operations.

Cotemar is an Oil Exploration Company in the Mexican Gulf
Cotemar was established in 1979. It supplies offshore development oil platforms with the necessary rehabilitation and maintenance services. The company formerly operated in the strategic Campeche sound hydrocarbons reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico. Cotemar also provides accommodation and catering services that sustain the offshore oil platform operations. The company recently acquired water vessels from the Grandweld Shipyards. The large Aluminum Crew Boats offer broader deck space, VIP accommodation, and luxury seating. The vessels currently operate in the Gulf of Mexico helping the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Coast Guard. The boats can carry hundreds of oil workers and attain great speeds.

Cotemar formerly operated the Safe Regency, Safe Britannia, and the Safe Lancia offshore oil rigs
Cotemar aims to cut down its management costs after the recent contract termination by the government-owned oil distributor known as Pemex. Pemex has withdrawn the latest agreements in which the state-owned company had granted Cotemar with the triple oil platform contract. Cotemar had been operating the Safe Lancia, Safe Britannia, and the Safe Regency. The oil platforms operations are getting stopped due to an increase in the global price of oil refinements. Prosafe deals in the global hire of several semi-submergible oil platforms. Prosafe is working towards ending the operations of the three offshore oil rigs. The three oil rigs will be transported to warehouses in the United States.

Global Oil Prices are projected to Escalate
The actions have messed Cotemar greatly. Cotemar intends to stop serving Pemex. The contract termination is also understood to increase the global crude oil price of twenty-five dollars per oil drum. This will further extrapolate crude oil refinement costs. Cotemar will maintain its operations with Pemex despite the fact that the company will have to wait for supplementary government oil projects. Withdrawal from the Mexican Gulf is expected to impact Ciudad del Carmen gravely. Work termination will end the service of thousands of employees further extending the unemployment situation of the Ciudad Del Carmen industrial island city.

Learn more about Cotemar:

How Search Engines Help With Online Reputation Management

Search engines are very important for the building of a business. It is only safe to say that search engines are also capable of being the undoing of a business. For one thing, all types of information that is released is going to be on search engines provided it is on a site that is indexed. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to manage their online reputation. One thing to notice is that online search results are not going to go away by itself in a matter of time. It takes a lot of optimized content to remove nay form of content from the front pages of the search results.

There are times when a negative search result will appear on the front page. As a result, the person in question may lose business. There is hope for the person. It is in the form of an online reputation management company. These companies are filled with people who are good at search engine optimization. They will provide optimized content and release it on high ranking sites so that it could help get rid of the bad press that is causing a lot of problems with the company or the client.


One such online reputation company is The Search Fixers. They are one of the most innovative people online reputation management because they look at all of the keywords that they want to target in order to get rid of the bad search result. They will replace all of the bad press with good news so that the person will have a better reputation. Also, any problems that resulted from the bad press will more likely disappear.

Fixing search results is very important to the recovery of the business from any scandal or crisis. As long as one is able to recover from the crisis, he will get his business back on track. His business will also be stronger. He just has to make sure that he focuses on the customers that are satisfied with him. After all, it is the loyal customers that are going to give him the business success that he needs.

Bruce Levenson: Businessman, Former Atlanta Hawks Owner, & Philanthropists

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. on October 1, 1949, and is currently the age of 66. He is a American businessman, philanthropists, and the former owner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, the Atlanta Hawks, based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born into a Jewish family in Washington, D.C. and raised accordingly in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He would then go on to attend Washington University in St. Louis and eventually graduating from the law school at American University. It was while attending law school during the night at American University, that Bruce Levenson discovered his passion for journalism and began to write for the Washington Star.

Together they created a newsletter, Oil Express, that specifically focused on the oil industry and new developments within the oil industry. UCG has since then grown into a company that now specializes in data, news, and analysis for healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology, telecommunications and other industries. UCG also owns a mobile application, GasBuddy, that helps drivers find the lowest gas prices in their local area.
Levenson and his partner Peskowitz bought the majority of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, which included a NHL team as well, The Atlanta Thrashers, but was eventually sold in 2011. Levenson is currently a member of the NBA Board of Governors and acts as the managing partner for the Hawks.
Not only is Levenson a former NBA franchise owner, and businessman, but he also known as being a philanthropists. He is most known for donating to causes that particularly help the Jewish community and educate others on the history of his ancestors. Visit his Wikipedia page to learn more.