Wengie Shares Her Favorite Life Hacks

In a recent video, Wengie, the beautiful Australian fashion and beauty guru, has outlined 10 life hacks that we must try. Here they are, in descending order:

10. After wearing and washing them several times, jumpers look old. Make them look fresh again by running a razor over the jumper to remove the lint. The jumper will look new and fresh again.

9. If you dread removing or adding keys to a key ring because of your nails, use a staple remover. It will hold open the key ring easily.

8. If you frequently lock yourself out of your place or forget something every morning as you’re rushing out, put everything you need underneath or on top of something that you never forget. Then you’ll have what you need.

7. If you write something on paper that you don’t want anyone seeing, instead of crossing it out left to right, try writing random letters and numbers over it. Then no one can make out what was written.

6. Are you lazy and/or hate to fold clothes when you remove them from the dryer? The solution is to dump them on your bed. You will have to fold them before you go to sleep.

5. Do you shove things into your backpack with “reckless abandon”? If you have important papers or documents that you need to protect, use a plastic zippered bag. Cut cardboard to size, and then place your documents in the bag. This will keep them from bending or getting wet.

4. Normal garbage turns into liquid and makes its home at the bottom of the trash bin.  Apply a wall hook upside down on either side of trash bin. Use a plastic shopping bag as a garbage bag and hook the handles of the bag to hold it in place – “no surprise crumbles”.

3. If you stand in the shower waiting for the water to get to the right temperature, use a marker to mark the position of the shower handle. Different colors can be used for each person in the household.

2. Cereal stops being crunchy near the end of the packet. Use a colander to “avoid a mouthful of mushy grossness” to sift out small crumbs. Don’t waste them; use them when making cookies or add to ice cream.

1. When grocery shopping, if you can’t remember what you have in the fridge, take a picture of the inside of your fridge before you leave home. Then you know what you need to replace.

Wengie says that these are her favorite hacks. If you want to see for yourself, find the video at www.wengie.com/life-advice/10-life-hacks-you-must-try.