Low Income Dallas Homeowners to Get Break

Homeowners in Dallas are likely aware of Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a nonprofit mortgage service provider, and it has just announced that it will be launching an Affordable Housing Loan Program, which will aim to provide at least one hundred loans to low income homeowners in certain areas and zip codes in southern Dallas.

They are doing this in conjunction with NexBank SSB, commonly known as just Nexbank. Nexbank will lay forth fifty million dollars in loans over the next five years to support this program. They will also pay up to two thousand dollars in closing fees per loan and all title fees for closings through its affiliate.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes will be using the proceeds from this program for loans to low income homeowners who have limited access to mortgage services. They will also be used to provide counseling for those who need help in finding a home.

In this venture, Dallas Neighborhood Homes is working together with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Mark Tribuna, the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations for Dallas Area Habitat of Humanity, said that they were all very grateful to Nexbank for allowing this program to happen through their generous contributions.

For those who do not know, Nexbank SSB is a regional bank based in Dallas.

It is part of Nexbank Banking, INC. and it provides banking services and mortgage solutions to its clients. The main services it provides can be categorized into three: Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Commercial lending, credit services, warehouse lending, corporate finance, mergers advisory, real estate advisory, correspondent banking,, and agency services are all part of the services that Nexbank provides.