Big Bird Rapping?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like to see Big Bird rap to one of your favorite songs? Have you ever thought it would be hilarious to see him as an MC? If so, a new video that is out there is just the thing for you.
There is a song out there with Big Bird rapping to it. The bird that is beloved by so many children and adults is a great MC, as it turns out. Who would have thought?
Sesame Street has always had a lot of fun on their shows, but seeing Big Bird rapping may just be the most fun thing anyone who is a fan has ever seen. Big Bird looks like he was made to play the part of an MC. The video is very enjoyable, especially for anyone who is a fan of Big Bird, and of hip hop music.
So, if you love those two things, like‘s Daniel Amen does, then you are going to love the two things together. Check out the video of Big Bird rapping, and see what you think.

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