The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Drew Madden

Everything in our fast-paced world seems to become more digital every year. The healthcare industry isn’t far behind on this move to become more digital. More healthcare providers are realizing that it is time to take their business online. Amazon has jumped into this game by acquiring pharmacy licenses in several states. Whether Amazon is looking to distribute medical equipment or medications online has not been determined yet. However, with the major competition of online retail giants like Amazon, professionals like Drew Madden are very important. Madden has created a career in healthcare and IT which has given him a solid name in the industry.

Madden has been a key part of electronic medical records and the organization of the massive amounts of information that are involved in this industry. In 2010, Madden started his work with Nordic Consulting Partners. From 2011 to 2016, he served as the president of this consulting firm. During the time that Madden was president, the company grew from 10 to over 700 employees. The client partners also grew from 3 to 150. This incredible growth was due to the intensive focus Madden. His leadership skills also helped to lead this company to a whole new level.

There are other entrepreneurs in the healthcare field who are trying to make changes that will help patients all over the world. Instead of doing things the way they have been done for decades, these forward-minded individuals are realizing that things are due for a change. For example, companies are coming forth which are looking to change the way 9-1-1 calls are handled. Instead of dispatching ambulances that cost $2,000, these companies provide a safe and inexpensive alternative. It will be exciting to see what the next few years have in store for this new technology-based healthcare industry.

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