Using E-Therapy Platforms Like Talkspace to Support Mental Health Patients

In this day and age, internet access is commonplace. A larger part of the population also own smartphones. It is no wonder that online platforms offering various services are increasing in popularity. For people looking for mental health care, e-therapy is the new in-thing. One of the platforms which you will find useful is Talkspace.

How to Use Talkspace

Talkspace is an app that is easily downloadable on your phone. The user will be required to sign up for the service by filling in their details. Once all the necessary details are obtained from a user, they are matched with an ideal therapist. Therapists who offer their services on the platform are licensed caregivers and psychotherapists. They also have a passion for helping others achieve stable mental health.

Choosing a good plan is another step which you should consider. Talkspace gives their users various payment plans to choose from. You can opt for the $32 weekly payment plan, or a different one depending on your budget. Each plan gives you a minimum of one text session with your therapist. Some people prefer chatting over Skype, and this could be arranged with your therapist.

Benefits of Using Talkspace as an E-therapy Platform

The idea behind Talkspace is to avoid the stigma associated with seeking mental health care. For many people, especially teenagers, privacy is extremely important to them. The app also gives the user the flexibility to open up when they feel ready to do it. You can therefore text your therapist whenever you feel like you want to talk to them.

Talkspace also endeavors to support the users on their platform through any hurdle. Whether you experience any hitch with the app, or you have a question for your caregiver, their customer support is always more than ready to assist.


The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Drew Madden

Everything in our fast-paced world seems to become more digital every year. The healthcare industry isn’t far behind on this move to become more digital. More healthcare providers are realizing that it is time to take their business online. Amazon has jumped into this game by acquiring pharmacy licenses in several states. Whether Amazon is looking to distribute medical equipment or medications online has not been determined yet. However, with the major competition of online retail giants like Amazon, professionals like Drew Madden are very important. Madden has created a career in healthcare and IT which has given him a solid name in the industry.

Madden has been a key part of electronic medical records and the organization of the massive amounts of information that are involved in this industry. In 2010, Madden started his work with Nordic Consulting Partners. From 2011 to 2016, he served as the president of this consulting firm. During the time that Madden was president, the company grew from 10 to over 700 employees. The client partners also grew from 3 to 150. This incredible growth was due to the intensive focus Madden. His leadership skills also helped to lead this company to a whole new level.

There are other entrepreneurs in the healthcare field who are trying to make changes that will help patients all over the world. Instead of doing things the way they have been done for decades, these forward-minded individuals are realizing that things are due for a change. For example, companies are coming forth which are looking to change the way 9-1-1 calls are handled. Instead of dispatching ambulances that cost $2,000, these companies provide a safe and inexpensive alternative. It will be exciting to see what the next few years have in store for this new technology-based healthcare industry.


Nexbank is a financial institution providing banking services to its clients. It was founded in 1992 and is located in Dallas, Texas. Residents in Dallas have benefited from 95 years of service of the bank. Recently, Nexbank announced that it would support the Dallas Women’s Foundation at the 32nd Annual Luncheon. Dallas Women Foundation is the largest regional women’s fund in the world and a champion of positive economic and social change for girls and women. Nexbank sponsored the foundation with about $100,000 that would be used to spearhead women’s leadership and financial security. Among the prominent persons who are expected to address the congregation is Dr. Hope Jahren, the best-selling author, and an award-winning scientist. His talk will be live-streamed to more than 10,000 students in Texas.

Nexbank under the leadership of James Dondero who is a Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management offers other services such as commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services.

Commercial Banking. Residents in Texas can acquire both SBA and commercial loans from Nexbank. SBA loan is a program by the government and Small Business Administration to finance business owners with capital for investment. It has low entity requirements and offers loans amounting up to $5,000,000. Commercial loans, on the other hand, are credited to bankers with operational expenses or working capital needs. Nexbank has flexible loan repayment terms to allow residents to keep their businesses running.

  • Mortgage banking. Nexbank lends its consumers money to facilitate the acquisition of property such as real estate.
  • Institutional services. Nexbank acts as a banker of other financial institutions and also helps them in investment banking by providing them with strategic measurements on how they can achieve their goals. It also offers real estate advisory to clients by educating them on how to increase efficiency, improve tenant experience and reduce operating expenses. Last but not least, Nexbank provides special interest accounts to meet the obligation of public funds depositors.

Nexbank has made banking more accessible for residents of Texas through the introduction of online banking. Online banking allows clients to deposit, withdraw or transfer money to other accounts without necessarily making a physical appearance at the bank.