Impact of Securus Technologies’ Facility in crime prevention.

Securus Technologies’ Facility aims to transform and assist other facilities in developing public safety. Securus Technologies leads in providing technological solutions in civil and criminal justice to promote investigations and security to the public. The company was founded in 1986 and employs roughly 1000 people. It holds contracts in the US with 2600 correctional facilities and serves over 2200 across Canada and U.S. It invested above $600 million as of July 2016 in patents, technologies, and acquisitions.

Customer comments were received by prison officials in charge of the prison safety through preventing and solving crimes. Richard A. Smith, the chief executive officer and chairman of Securus Technologies, mentioned that new products were developed weekly to aid officials in preventing and solving crimes, protecting the inmates, their families and parolees as well as administer the laws.

Among the customer comments, the information from Securus Technologies enabled them to expose corrupt staff members using the phone calls information, through monitoring of calls, relevant information among the inmates involving illegal use of drugs, drug selling and general information that threatens the lives of other people. Through the facility, the customers were able to transform the prison environment hence enhancing safety for the public. The Securus Facility has also enabled its customers to get motivated towards achieving their vision through improved security and investigations consequently impacting them with an aggressive mindset to undertake their functions.

Through the Securus LBS software, the customer’s departments managed to recover illegally acquired assets by incorporating it with other law enforcement resources. Securus Technologies serves over 3450 public safety, corrections agency, law implementation bodies and over 1,200,000 convicts in North America. The facility has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is devoted to providing feedback during emergencies, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, inmate’s self-service, and services needed in monitoring to promote safety in the world.


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