Todd Lubar Gives His Take on Why Baltimore Real Estate Industry Is Cut out for Success

Baltimore has been referred as the Charm City for ages. It is sure a charming city, in as far as young professionals and start-ups are concerned. Although the News has it that Baltimore is losing numbers in regards to its total population, Todd Lubar views the situation differently. Todd advises that with the increase in the number of young professionals relocating to the city, there could never be a better time to invest in the city than now. He continues to state that the rate at which the city’s economy continues to rebound depends mainly on this trend.

Considering the many young professionals in Baltimore, Lubar believes that the demand for apartments will rise. The trend is already gaining ground with some real estate developers turning historical landmarks and older buildings into stylish apartment complexes. A prominent example of this is at 10 Light Street, where Under Armour has rehabilitated the ground level into a fitness training center and gym. The once well known Bank of America building is now a prominent apartment building. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Baltimore is now focusing on expanding and enhancing public transportation. The move is expected to go a long way in making the city friendlier to those wishing to live and work downtown. Some experts project that the step will also grow the metropolitan regions at an expedited rate since the out-of-town dwellers will access the city without having to pay hefty parking fees.

Todd Lubar’s vast experience in the real estate industry

Todd Lubar continues to be a well sought real estate advisor, especially with regards to Baltimore. He has a background in credit and finance, having worked in financial companies and mortgage corporations. Presently, Mr. Lubar is the head of TDL Ventures and is working on taking the company to new horizons.

Besides his position at TDL Ventures, Mr. Todd owns and manages various real estate related companies. His strong background in sales as a top mortgage originator gives him an upper hand when it comes to providing credible advice in the real estate industry. Besides being passionate about business, Todd Lubar also believes in helping other people within the community.

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