EOS Equals Revolution

Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s Bees have dominated the lip balm industry for decades, but that domination has come to an end. The new king of the hill is EOS, and it’s changing the game with its great products. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is the premier leader in this demanding field. The field is loaded with hundreds of brands, but every brand doesn’t live up to the hype. Fortunately, EOS does live up to its hype, and its long list of satisfied customers are a true testament. Based on evolutionofsmooth.com, the brand has produced a great new lip balm that’s known as Crystal. Crystal is beautiful, but Crystal is very special. This new product has a see-through appearance. That’s right! You can basically look straight through this lip balm.

On top of that, Crystal lip balms are truly vegan, and they are wax-free, which is a huge bonus. Users won’t experience that heavy feel like other brands. The ingredients are some of the finest in the game. Aloe vera, coconut oil, avocado oil and many more. The problem with many other brands is that they tend to use a load of artificial fillers. These artificial fillers only provide temporary relief, while causing long-term harm thanks to their chemical makeup. EOS has given Crystal lip balms an updated package and a triangular finish, click here. This triangular finish purposely gives it a jewel-like effect.

The new product can be purchased at a number of retailers such as Walmart, amazon.de, target, Walgreens and CVS. The price for one is around $5.49. EOS’s Instagram page has been blowing up in a sense from all of the new buzz. This company has been teasing its fans for a while and as of now, it has delivered one heck of a product that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Go to https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ for more cool updates.

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