Human, Civil and Migrants’ Rights Groups

Many instances can result in the violation of certain human rights of an individual living illegally in a foreign country as an immigrant or refugee, belonging to a vulnerable or minority group, being subject to sexual or domestic violence, being a victim of war or even cases of wrongful prosecution.

All these cases require that such people be accorded justice, protection, fair judgment and representation despite their nationality, gender, age or even race.

The International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA)

This is a human rights advocacy agency founded in 1949 that seeks to protect human rights around the world. IAOHRA’s main goal is to provide a platform, to engage key stakeholders and advocates around the world to exchange information and ideas on how to develop programs that can help in the eradication of illegal cases of discrimination such as in housing, education, employment, public services and in banking.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is an advocacy fund in Phoenix Arizona that was co-founded in 1970 by Jim Larkin together with Michael Lacey. The two are Phoenix-based journalists with a long history of advocating for the civil, immigrants and human rights in Arizona and along the Mexican border.

After their win in the long sensational court appeal case in 2007 in which they sued the county government of Maricopa for wrongful imprisonment after being accused of disrespecting the law secrets of a grand jury, they received a huge settlement of more than $3million. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

They vowed to channel the money to financially support other groups in the state that advocate for the same course and reduces cases of deaths of immigrants at the border. They are also the cofounders of two newspapers, the phoenix new times and the village news circulars in Arizona.

International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy (ICHR)

It assists in the empowerment of poor minorities and marginalized individuals and groups economic socially and spiritually through reinforcement and protection of their rights in Europe, the U.S, and Asia, without the divisional lines of religion, race, age, gender, sexuality, social class, and physical or mental ability.

Arizona Justice Project

Arizona Project Justice is a group that was started to counter human injustices that happen in the state of Arizona. Justice systems are known to be fair to the needy and poor people in the society.

It is for the same reason that they find themselves on the receiving end of injustices that happen in the society. This is a troubling scenario and should never be allowed to persist. Every human being deserves the same rights and privileges. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

However, most injustices happen to the poor since they lack representation in courts of law. Lawyers usually charge high fees that make them an unaffordable option for the poor people. There many people who have been imprisoned yet they were innocent. It is for this reason that the Arizona Project Justice was formed.

To help the innocent and inmates get justice in the American justice system. Those who are affected in most cases are migrants crossing into the U.S through the Mexico border.

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