Supportive Teachers at Success Academy Provide More than Education for High-Performing Students

The teachers at Success Academy are the student’s most-supportive resource as they progress throughout each stage of learning. By the time Success Academy students reached high school, they’re well-prepared for pre-college courses and higher education. While many of the students come from low-income families, there is a standard that fits with any structure for a student to learn effectively.


Each student is given professional development sessions that is set by a standard curriculum which provides the typical learning as required. However; the teachers at Success Academy go far beyond the standard and provide addition one on one sessions in order to provide the type of learning that will meet a student where their specific learning potential can be reached. Teachers at Success Academy never waste time for providing education, and in fact, they look for opportunities of time to fill in the gaps for students who may be struggling in one area or another.


The students at Success Academy have excelled beyond their own expectations, and the results of their learning have been astounding. They’ve accomplished reaching the top one percent within math, and reached the top two percent within English, among all schools within the state of New York. This type of performance has provided Success Academy the type of support needed by those within leadership as well as from the parents. The support among all of those involved within their education has helped accomplish their greatest potential.


While an education program is the essential reason for students attending Success Academy, it is the caring environment from teachers, and those who are in support of their accomplished efforts, that make the charter school such a rewarding opportunity for students. The high-performing students are also building character. The teachers make learning fun, creative and provide many opportunities for students to be creative using many innovative techniques.

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