Success Academy, The Leading Charter School Network in New York City

According to statistics 2016,29% of students in New York City were proficient in English and 35% in math on the Common Core exams. For students from Success Academy, the proficiency rates were 94% in math and 64% in English. In fact, the students in New York City’s poorest communities defeated the kids in the wealthiest suburbs.


Success Academy Background Information


Success Academy was founded in 2006 and currently has 32 schools that serve 9,000 students in public schools across New York City. There are overwhelming number of students which displays a positive response and high demand for opening new schools within the city. Success Academy is the only charter network that has rapidly grown with the achievement of stellar results.


Success Academy Learning Approach


Apart from Mathematics and English languages, children who attend Success Academy’s schools learn science,sports, chess and art. Success Academy is committed to ensuring that their scholars succeed in elementary school and college. The curriculum at the elementary school is designed to assist children to learn through reading fiction and nonfiction books,class project collaborations and discovery of artistic talents to gain critical knowledge and thinking skills.


Scholars receive a 80 minutes study lecture with their teachers on a daily basis. The remainder of the day is dedicated to group instructions and discussions as well as hands on learning. Success Academy believes that the rest of the day should be left for scholars to learn through thinking on their own because every child has a limitless potential to achieve high results.


Success Academy is also strongly committed to serving disabled children and has an exceptional track record of assisting children with special needs. According to the charter school, their special education program is focused on the fact disability is not an inability and provides the necessary support to scholars with special needs.


Success Academy acknowledges the fact that children require effective teachers to handle a strong curriculum that will challenge them to academically succeed. The Success Academy teachers undergo extensive training to enhance professional development. Success Academy’s main goals is to shape quality students to yield higher grades.



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