OSI Group is a Leader in Food Processing

OSI Group, LLC, is an Illinois-headquartered company that specializes in food processing, food products distribution, and provision of custom-tailored solutions. The firm distributes bacon and sausage, pork, poultry, dough, cheese-based products, and vegetable.

OSI Group has many manufacturing facilities based in Asia Pacific, Europe, and American zones. The company entered the food industry as Otto Kolschwsky in 1909 and rebranded to the renowned Otto & Sons back in 1928. In 1995, the company rebranded further and became OSI Group, LLC.

What can OSI offer?

OSI is the chief global manufacturer and provider of food products. The company targets both retail food brands and foodservice companies. OSI Group uses its reliable custom food product creation, unique packaging, and international food distribution network to supply food products that suit clients’ operation.


OSI Group appreciates the role that its employees play in driving its rapid expansion. Therefore, it commits resources and time to creating an environment that delivers thought-provoking and rewarding opportunities. For over 100 years, OSI Group has been supplying quality food products to the food services sector. Currently, the firm is respected for its leading innovation and unwavering commitment from its diverse workforce.

OSI Group avails a work experience where employees share ideas and work towards their implementation. It creates a work environment that allows new recruits to learn and grow to their full potential. The company is constantly hiring individuals who flourish in an entrepreneurial environment. Applicants must enjoy collaborating with their colleagues to address the ever-changing demands of OSI’s clients. The firm offers equal consideration for employment to every applicant without any discrimination. If you want to join OSI’s workforce, you should visit its website and check out the available jobs. Then, send your resume to the firm’s email, which is always available on the site.

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