A Review On Handy Services

With most business being conduct online, it is hard to tell which business is a scam and which is legit. Particularly because every business claims to be the best at what it does. For this reason, we conduct reviews for various cleaning companies, helping you get the best value for your money. Here is a review on Handy

About Handy

Handy was established four years ago by partners Oisin Hanraham and Umand Dua. The company was developed to feel the market gap where one could not find trusted cleaning professionals. The duo identified this gap when they were working in apartment renovation in Budapest. Upon conducting further research, they found out that the case was no different in the USA. That is when they decided to develop Handybook which would allow homeowners the convenience of booking a trustworthy home cleaning NYC appointment. The company has branches in 25 cities in the US, 2 branches in Canada and are currently spreading wings in London.

Their Process

Booking a cleaning service with Handy.com follows a simple process. Having worked with them, we can say that they are rather convenient. First, we had to contact them and book an appointment. The appointment was confirmed and we were guided on how to make payment electronically. On the appointed date and time, a handyman appeared on our door, all setup to clean our apartment. What we got was the best job ever. Their work exceeded our expectations.


Working with Handy is very convenient. Unlike other companies, we did not have to fill endless forms just to get an appointment. In about one minute, the appointment had been booked and everything else settled. The service allowed us to book a next-day service.


First off, Handy is insured. Therefore, you are assured that at no point will you have to pay for injuries when an accident occurs in your premises. Secondly, you are assured of the security of your assets as the professionals undergo a thorough background check before getting hired.


Working with a virtual business can be risky. Therefore, you have to go an extra-mile to ensure that you will not be ripped off your hard-earned money. For this reason, we had to check out whether Handy is licensed. The professional sent issued us with his license number, which we searched on the licensing website. We found that he indeed had no complaints made to his name, something that gave us great peace of mind.

The Start and Development of the Kabbalah Centers

A few years ago, the practice of Kabbalah was regarded as a complicated doctrine that could only be understood by men who were more than 40 years of age. These teachings, which focus on the interconnection between the metaphysical and supernatural world, have their origin in the Judaic religions. While it is true that kabbalah has many teachings that have been adopted by many religions, the belief system in itself is not a religion.

The origins and history of kabbalah

The traditions of the Jewish people are where Kabbalah originated from. The reality about the system of beliefs is that they are older than most of the modern day religions, thus, it is believed to be the blueprint from which most of the teachings of modern religion were developed from. The teachings are normally used by people trying to make sense of the Hebrew bible and other Rabbi based religions.

Very few people really understand and appreciate the essence of the spiritual teachings of kabbalah. At the beginning, these misunderstandings were not there. The confusion came in when the religions of the world started twisting the teachings to suit their own doctrines. Then, to make matters worse, the teachings are now being made part of celebrity stunts such as tarot reading and Hollywood medium reality shows. This really dilutes the values of kabbalah and degrades it to some mere magic show, which it isn’t.

The misconception that Kabbalists being magicians has spread further than it should have. While to some extent the religion does border on the inexplicable magic that is the universe, there is much more that is mystical about the universe and the religion attempts to unravel what it can. Teachings such as the idea of the Rabbi who created a man from mud and breathed life into him are seen as magic.

Kabbalah centers

Kabbalah centre institutions have been set up around the globe. They are in locations in Europe and LA. It is where people who wish to learn about this religion convent and listen to the Rabbis. The aim of the Rabbis is to stop the misconceptions that are being attached to the teachings.

DEVCO Loan Raises Questions

Recent reports by pressofatlanticcity.com indicate that Middlesex County Improvement Authority has not been able to pay a loan of one million dollars and interest that amounts to twenty million. The loan had been given to the company by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Middlesex County Improvement Authority has had this debt for over five years now. According to the reports the loan was acquired by the institution in 2005, and it was made to help in the construction of Heldrich. The building would operate as a hotel and conference room.

The current senate president, Stephen Sweeney touted the corporation actions, saying that this was a plan by the private firms to acquire public funds so that they can execute their big constructions. Another private company, known as Atlantic Development Corp is also expected to get public funds amounting to two hundred million dollars.

The two private corporations have hired Chris Paladino, a popular lawyer in the city to defend them in court. Christopher arranged for the loans, and he recently announced that the two corporations would pay their loans in full. However, this would take several years to be accomplished.

Heldrich hotel contains more than two hundred rooms, and it was opened in 2007. This was during the international financial crisis. The hotel has been struggling to get enough guests since then. A report done last year indicated that its occupation rate was around sixty percent.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation, known to many as DEVCO is one of the private non-profit making firms in the country that is urban based. The real estate company was started in the 1970s, and it has revitalized the city significantly. The company is known for meeting the expectations of the people living in the city. The company has done a lot to ensure that the city grows.