Dynamics Search Partners Collaborates With the Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann held a fundraising event together with Dynamics Search Partners on March 3, 2015. The fundraising event that took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden was aimed at raising funds for Uncommon Schools. The financial services community came together to raise more than $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. The Uncommon Schools has a goal of closing the achievement gap and preparing millions of students from a low-income background to graduate from college. Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners. Keith said that Dynamics Search Partners supports the mission of providing an opportunity for every student to graduate to college.


Uncommon Schools plans on opening a new high school in Brooklyn, New York this fall. Dynamics Search Partners had already dedicated $10,000 before the fundraising event, to make sure that the school meets the needs of all students’ testing. The student testing funded comprised of students’ PSAT and AP testing for the opening of the academic year.


Dynamics Search Partners started working with Uncommon Schools, based in the New York in 2013. The relationship between the two organizations has a common goal of creating an on-going opportunity for Dynamics to help students to learn practical and tactical skills that will help them do well in college and beyond. Keith supports their commitment and innovation to achieving academic excellence at high school level, and he plans on working closely with students even in future. Keith Mann said that he was excited to work with Uncommon Schools. Mann explained that they had had meetings with seniors and a tour to the schools. Keith feels inspired to see how excited the students were to enter college. The students are enthusiastic to learn how they can best position themselves for college, future careers and internships.


About Keith Mann

Keith is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. Keith has been in the search industry for more than 15 years. He is also an expert in compensation, hedge fund, hiring, and staffing policy. Keith was the managing director at Dynamics Executive Search where he hired for global financial services companies. Keith helps his clients in marketing, investment and internal strategy experts for their already existing teams and building new teams too. Dynamics Search Partners works with companies in the alternative investment industry in the U.S, Asia, and Europe.

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