Why Eduardo Melzer is a Distinguished Corporate Executive

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or Duda, was recently appointed president of Brazilian conglomerate, Grupo RBS. This appointment is the silver lining of the impressive career of a man who fought tooth and nail to emerge from the shadow of his famous family, and follow his own destiny. Duda’s doggedness was manifested from an early age. He always knew that he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive, a dream that has driven his ambition to date.

The Sirotsky’s have gained a legendary status in the South American corporate scene. Duda’s grandfather started Grupo RBS, which has gone on to become the country’s leading media corporation. Subsequent generations have all contributed to the immense success that the corporation as had. With Duda taking the mantle, the spotlight will be on him with many people waiting to see the direction that he will lead the firm towards.

Fortunately, Duda Melzer has the ability to steer Grupo RBS towards greater success. The alumnus of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and Harvard University has been working behind the scene and therefore, has an idea about what it takes to play his new role judiciously.

Why Duda’s Tenure Will be Successful

Duda holds a business administration degree as well as an MBA. He has similarly been in the corporate scene and thus understands what it takes to be the head of a giant corporation. He has held executive positions at a number of firms including Boxtop Media and Delphi. Duda is expected to succeed in his new role since he will have the advisory services of experienced industry captain at his disposal. His predecessor, Nelson Sirotsky is his uncle, and has offered to help him familiarize himself with his new role.

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