How Jose Manuel Gonzalez has Endeared Himself to the Venezuelan Masses

It is not every day that a man rises from obscurity to capture the imagination of an entire nation. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has however managed this feat. His rise in the political world has been meteoric to say the least. Mr. Gonzales is a deputy in in the South American country’s national assembly, where he represents Guárico state. Besides this, he is one of the most outspoken leaders in the country. He has managed to gain a huge following because he has continually stood for the rights of the economically challenged masses, more so farmers.

Gonzalez is most known for being a staunch advocate of farmers. He has been steadfast in condemning apparent government inaction when it comes to improving the sector. Being a farmer himself, he recognizes the fact that policies that have been put in place impede the growth of Venezuela’s agricultural sector. Despite the country having favorable climatic conditions and rich soils, agriculture has perennially underperformed. Its potential has not been fully harnessed. This continues to condemn millions of small scale farmers to perpetual poverty and hopelessness.

The politician has been critical in pointing out that the current government has put in little effort towards steadying the sector. As a matter of fact, its policies are the major cause of the woes that currently bedevil the industry. In-fighting within the coalition government has made it difficult for the country’s top leaders to take a common stand on almost all issues. Failure to act on security issues has led to the escalation of gangland-style activities, more so in rural areas. The number of cartels and criminal gangs have been on the rise, a situation that hurts farmers all the more.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Résumé

Mr. Gonzalez is a hugely successful farmer. He gained national prominence as the president of FEDECAMARA. Jose has been on the forefront championing the rights of farmers. With the sector being in a perilous state, Manuel has constantly used his popularity and political seat to oppose issues that slow down agricultural growth.

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