Sanjay Shah Continues To Successfully Run Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is very well known for his founding of Solo Capital, and this company provided investment services to a very large number of people. However, he is also known for his efforts to benefit autism awareness and raise money for research into the condition. Sanjay Shah Denmark has done this through an organization that he founded, called Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks organizes concerts with widely known music artists, and the proceeds are donated to causes that research autism and/or promote awareness of it. This cause has been quite successful, and he has raised more than half a million dollars for it. He is extremely dedicated to this cause, because one of his children suffers from autism. Due to this, he has been very deeply and personally affected by the condition.

Sanjay Shah began Solo Capital after leaving his career as an accountant behind. He made the decision to become self employed, and he spent a great deal of time getting Solo Capital started. The company truly was started right from scratch. In the beginning, Solo Capital did not even have an office. The company’s office was the room that Sanjay Shah lived in. However, the company really took off, and it was very profitable for Sanjay Shah. In fact, it was so profitable that Sanjay Shah was able to retire very comfortably at quite an early age. Now, Solo Capital is undergoing the process of closing down, but he made a large amount of money from the company.

Recently, Autism Rocks held a fundraiser for Autism Awareness Month. This fundraiser was held in early April, and there were famous musicians that played at the event. In fact, Tyga and FloRida both performed on the stage, and there also were two well known DJs at the event. Furthermore, there were a number of different activities for the kids that attended. There were many people at the event, and everyone got a very good deal, as the music and activities were excellent.


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