Securus distancing themselves from bad business practices is a wise move

Why wouldn’t Securus executives be sick from the egregious nature of Global Tel Link’s crimes against their own customers? Possessing a brain or a heart is all that is needed to comprehend docket No. U-20784, where the Louisiana Public Service Commission Order charges GTL with crimes against their customers. Distancing their organization away from horrible business practices is a smart move on Securus’ part. This docket reads as a way not to do business. To compare and contrast GTL with Securus intelligence and compassion, places reliability where it belongs, in a favorable light.

In the body of the press release Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said he is offended by carriers with no standards. Link with Mr. Smith’s entire statement at Securus – GTL Integrity Breaches, Rick’s on record as a CEO unafraid to show feelings in an industry confused about whether or not they exist. His statement, “I love our industry serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends and family members, and all of society,” precludes public safety solutions, incident management, investigative solutions, corrections solutions for management and inmate, all the necessary technical expertise advances taking place in real-time, in his industry.

So why wouldn’t Securus distance themselves, as well as set the standard? Information has been gifted to them with names, dates and figures, this is a credibility campaign that matches their mission to reach the public full speed ahead. And they are playing it to the hilt.

Old GTL never considered how things should be, a jurisdiction conditional probably to own and operate. Not knowing any better, never questioning how an ‘us versus them’ business is run, newly owned GTL showed No intelligence to get the right equipment; Simply get the business, ‘we’ll deal with it later’ attitudes went along side with, ‘those people are always complaining’.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. If Securus choses to be plain spoken, and share data to benefit the public as background information on the case of GTL in a series of press releases, so be it. It is the nicest way for rushmyessay to get back what they want from these folks too.

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