The Trend Towards Healthier Food For Pets

Trends toward healthy food is becoming a necessity in a world that is striving to get on board with green movements, healthier food production is no longer limited only to people. Household pets are starting to enjoy the benefits of foods that once were reserved only for those who set aside the resources to eat well. While the price of organic foods has become more competitive to the genetically modified crops and pesticide treated farms, it is becoming something that is no longer a luxury. Availability of these healthy pet foods no longer are seen as something belonging to the bourgeoisie. Nestle has been offering pet foods on Amazon for years under the Purina and Purina Beneful brands. One of the more poignant aspects of Purina’s Beneful line of dog food is that individuals can customize blends according to their pet’s specific needs. This not only creates some excitement when it comes to purchasing Fido’s kibbles, but it also lets pet owners tailor food contents for optimum health benefits. Any individual who has ever purchased Beneful dog or cat food from a neighborhood supermarket has probably already noticed the range of choices that are available. Different brands typically cater to the age of the animal, from puppy or kitten, to their mature counterparts. Some animals might be dealing with health issues that complicates dietary needs making this a great option for pet owners trying to keep their animals feeling well. Healthier pets can lead to a higher overall sense of well being for their owners as well. It seems to be becoming common knowledge that many pets are utilized as service animals to help those suffering from mental and emotional problems. The calming effects brought about by another living thing can often be profound for those suffering symptoms from issues like PTSD. Even though pets have therapeutic benefits for humans, they can only act as exuberantly as they feel. Very similar to the way that people are in the sense that if someone is sick or feels under the weather, chances are their attitude is going to reflect that.

Autism Rocks and Sanjay Shah- Awareness through Music

Over a decade ago, a few facts were known about autism as there were a handful of trained professionals and scanty information about this condition. In fact, support services were largely non-existent. Of every 68 children in the world according to a research by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, one is likely to suffer from autism. However, thanks to efforts made by some humane figures today, there has been lots of progress towards calming this condition. One such initiative incorporates Autism Rocks that aims at raising awareness towards taming this condition through music.
Autism Rocks is a UK-based charitable organization that showcases exclusive collaborations with some of the heavyweights in the music industry. They all aim at elevating the cause, thus clearing the way for funding as well as researching about this disorder. Since 2014 when it was launched, the organization has registered immense success both in London and at the UAE. According to the founder, Sanjay Shah, there are a lot to hope for with respect to the organization in the near future. The funds raised from the concerts are channeled directly to the Autism Research Trust (ART).
Sanjay Shah
Had it not been his youngest son being diagnosed with Autism, British millionaire Sanjay Shah would have probably not thought of starting such a noble initiative. Now based in Dubai, former hedge-fund manager and a hearty philanthropist have not only benefited the health of his son but a million individuals all over the globe. His undying love for his son led to what has gradually risen to be a great gig in combating autism.
Sanjay is a 44 year old retired hedge fund trader who grew up in the UK although his parents emigrated from Kenya in 1960s. He is a trained and qualified medical doctor albeit after college, he chose to go into the banking industry as a broker. His entrepreneurial skills led to the founding of his firm, Solo Capital. He oversaw the growth of the company; five years since inception, the brokerage company was worth a staggering $280 million. Sanjay is a retired business person who chose to dedicate his time as well as his returns on the worthy cause of the kids. It is plainly clear that just like Solo Capital, Autism Rocks foundation is going places.
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The Most Enlightening George Soros Quote for 2016

Billionaire investor George Soros is a very quotable man, and one particular statement he made a few years ago about the nature of markets is being revisited in 2016.

Soros’ explanation about the unpredictability of financial markets is not very profound. He accepts the fact that markets are driven by human nature more than by macroeconomics, and thus he does not attempt to make predictions. Soros manages this unpredictability by coming up with various scenarios relevant to the climate of the market; in this fashion, he can be ready for what lies ahead before seeking to make a profit on it.

The dismal performance of global markets in early 2016 elicited an interesting comment from George Soros as he addressed a group of investors at a conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Soros mentioned that the situation was reminiscent of 2008, when Wall Street collapsed and major banks in the United States required a bailout from the Treasury.

Although Soros did not explicitly make a prediction, his market assessment has been discussed and analyzed by several experts around the world. It can be expected that Soros will seek to profit from this situation at some point in the near future, and thus it is important to revisit his famous quote about the unpredictability of markets.

A recent article posted on financial news website quoted Soros and reminded readers that markets appear to be irrational due to investors blindly reacting to what they see as a time of upheaval. Many investors will hastily exit their positions in fear, and they will engage in a flight to safety, which is not always the safest bet.

Smart investors such as Soros will likely spend most of 2016 looking for profit opportunities, which do not always take the shape of dips in the market. There may be periods of lull, small rallies, market corrections, or irrational bull runs. The idea is to always expect the unexpected.

Soros has already spoken his mind about the state of the market, it is now up to investors to look at the data that supports his point of view before sitting down to formulate market strategies for 2016.

A Meal Fit for a King and Your Dog: Premium Dog Food Sales Steadily Increasing

These days everyone wants to eat a healthy diet, but now they want to make sure that their furry best friends eat a healthy diet as well. Premium dog food sales are on the rise, and there seems to be no end to the new trend. It is only logical that people sensible about their own food intake would be concerned about the quality of their pet’s food like Beneful as well.

According to an article published by the Daily Herald, premium dog food sales have increased by almost 50% in the last six years contributing $10.5 billion to the $38 billion dog food market. This past summer, Blue Buffalo, one of the original whole grain dog food companies, went public and is now expected to pass the $1 billion mark in sales by the close of the year.

While they may be one of the first whole grain dog food companies on, big dog food companies have had their eye on the emerging market for quite some time as well. Take Beneful by Purina which produces a line of dog food designed to be gourmet. Their wet food dog products feature flavors such as Tuscan Style Medley and Simmered Beef Entrée. It is not the flavor that is enticing on its own, as premium ingredients such as carrots, spinach, salmon, lamb are all packed in to give an extra perk.

It’s not just small dogs that get to enjoy Beneful’s healthy line, as their dry dog foods also feature a wide array of fine ingredients such as lamb, spinach, carrots, and more. In addition, Beneful on have targeted their dry dog foods to all consumers by offering active mixes with high protein mixes for active dogs, healthy weight for those who need to trim a few pounds, and plenty of other varieties for everyone in between.

All of these choices allow people to treat their pets like they treat themselves, and for most dog owners this is the pinnacle of great ownership. Most pet owners choose a pet with lifestyle traits that match their own, so it is only reasonable that they can now choose a pet food that also has traits that match their own nutritional goals.

Avi Weisfogel and Sleep Apnea Doctors

The concept is sleep apnea is a serious disorder, and Avi Weisfogel has spent a considerable amount of time trying to diagnosis this issue. He is a dental professional, but he has been able to treat patients with sleep disorders.

Weisfogel is the co-owner of a company called Dental Sleep Masters, and he is passionate about the search for a cure. He has started this company primarily to help dentists find those patients that have sleeping disorders. His goal is to help those patients that want to get oral treatments for sleep apnea.

Avi Weisfogel is a sleep disorder consultant. He has able to actually practice dentistry and work in the capacity as a sleep disorder consultant at the same time. With 16 years in private practice dentistry Weisfogel has become an authority on dental care, and his research has led him to train others that have the desire to help people that are having sleep disorders. Check out his informational video below.

There are actually 2 forms of sleep apnea. There is obstructive and central sleep apnea. With the obstructive type there is a blockage of the airway. With central sleep apnea the brain is unable to send signals to the muscle to breathe. It is difficult – in many cases – for patients to determine their issue on their own. That is why it is good to have a doctor in place to help with the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

Sleep apnea can become a major issue if this is left untreated. It can become a big problem because it produces a chain reason. It leads to other things like high blood pressure and heart failure. People that have sleep apnea may also experience more headaches if this is left untreated.

There are several ways that patients are treated for this disorder. There are some doctors that perform a polysomnography in order to study the patients. Non-surgical procedures may also exist and this involves behavior therapy. The most common type of procedure may be the nasal surgery. This is a disorder that is more common in adults than children, but there are more children that are experiencing this in recent years.

Weisfogel and other doctors work to provide the best treatments for this disorder as the study of this ailment continues. Many patients that have struggled with this will eventually have to seek treatments. It’s not a disorder that patients can ignore. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to get continuous updates on sleep apneas treatments.

Well Managed Health Care Companies

Providing health care is an important service. Patients rely on health care centers to make sure they have the best possible care if they are facing a problem with an illness of some kind. They also rely on health care centers to make sure they get treatment for emergencies as well. Many patients want to have access to health care centers that are well managed and keep the patient’s needs in mind at all times. An effective and well managed health care company is one is always responsive to the needs of patients and also helps keep costs down at the same time. There are many ways this can be done. Many health care companies look to make sure they hire staffers who know a great deal about medicine and are aware of the best possible way to treat people. They will also hire administrators who can provide the company with supervision that allows for costs to be cut when it is appropriate to make such cost saving measures. This kind of effective partnership between patients, care givers and administrators is one of the best ways to allow any health care company to remain in business long-term and enjoy respect in the market. One company that has been able to achieve such a balance is Nobilis Health. This Texas based health care company has long drawn admiration for their devotion to the needs of patients and their ability to deliver services that are cost effective at the same time. The company manages surgical centers where patients can get access to health care that is ideal for their specific needs. The focus here is always on providing the best quality health care for the needs of the many patients seen at the centers run by Nobilis Health each and every single day. Health care management of this kind has become increasingly imperative in our contemporary fast paced world. Patients expect access to health care that is based on the latest in research as well as health care that is given with much love and caring at the same time. Companies like Nobilis Health that are able to keep up with the demands of consumers are companies that can expect to see their profits rise as savvy patients turn to them to meet their health care needs. Such companies can help bring together all members of a health care team to create a truly effective partnership.

Why I Feed My Dog Beneful

When I first brought Chet home, I had no idea what to feed him. He’s a big dog, about fifty pounds or so, and a sort of mix between something with four legs and something with a lot of hair. All kidding aside, he is my best friend and I want him to have the best dog food I can buy. After searching on Youtube and the shelves at my local pet store, I started to bring home Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food. Chet took to it right away and we haven’t looked at any other brand since. Chet gets a bowl of dry kibble every morning with a pouch of moist food. Then at night for dinner he gets another pouch. Beneful comes is a wide variety of sizes so it is convenient to just open the right sized pouch for Chet without any leftovers.

What I like about Beneful is that every serving has all the nutrients Chet needs from the macro stuff like protein, carbs, and fats to the other things like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Purina, who makes the food, uses top ingredients including real meat. There are a number of different flavor combinations which means Chet won’t get bored with any one flavor. I think is favorite is the Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. I guess Chet is like me and likes beef more than about anything else. The carrots and tomatoes are rich in those antioxidants and the beef provides the protein and essential amino acids Chet needs for his muscles and bones. The Chopped Blend varieties also include a chicken recipe along with one made with salmon.

Chet really likes that one too. When we’re feeling like a little Italian, I pick up a few containers of the Mediterranean Style Medley. That one is made from lamb and has tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Sometimes while I’m having pizza, Chet feasts on the Romana Style Medley that has chicken, spinach, carrots, and pasta. There is even a beef flavor with carrots, rice and spinach called the Tuscan Style Medley. Feeding Chet a high-quality food is important to me. I care about his health and want him to be happy and around for a long time. I know they say dogs don’t care much about flavors, but I like to think he does. With Beneful, there are so many flavors, I could feed Chet a different one every day and still not go through them all at the end of the month. I think Chet likes that.

The New Fan Gear for the Steelers

The NFL has a great hold on a part of this market. They drive the economy with not only ticket sales and TV time, but also with merch. This merch is a very important part of the revenues that are generated each year within the NFL. There is a great deal of thought that goes into the merch for each NFL team. This is something that many individuals have put a great deal of thought, time, and effort into. It really goes to show when you see the new designs each season of all the great merch that is available for fans. The Steelers have decided to revamp all of their fan gear and really give it a fun new spin. This merch is going to focus more on fashion than function. This is a new twist for NFL fans and it is designed at getting more women excited about this merch that is out there. With more fashion conscious men out there it is easy to see how this could just sell more merch all across the board. Susan McGalla is a leading force behind this movement. She is an expert in fashion who is ready to bring this new wave of NFL merch to the public. The Steelers are using Susan McGalla’s expertise to help bring a new light to the marketing and development of the Steeler’s public image. Susan McGalla is not only an expert in fashion but she is also an expert in the world of business as well. She has been a part of the leadership for many great companies such as Wet Seal and American Eagle. This is where she learned a great deal about both the world of fashion and the world of business. It will be very interesting to see where the career of Susan McGalla is headed after her successful work with the Steelers.

Self Promotion On Wikipedia Might Harm Your Reputation

The rise of social media has led to a large number of people wading waist deep in self promotion on all the popular social media sites. This behavior is encouraged on those popular sites, but not on Wiki page creation on getyourwiki. Surprisingly, some writers jump right in and start writing self promotion articles. Generally, this is because they did not take the time to read the Wikipedia guidelines. The fact is that contributors that write about themselves are actually harming their online reputation.

The Neutral View Point
Here is a fact to take note of before writing that self promotion article. Wikipedia prefers articles that take the neutral point of view. Certainly, it is easy to take this opportunity to boost your image. Consequently, it is extremely difficult to remain neutral. Wikipedia will definitely form a lower opinion of your writing and ability to write neutral articles. Thus, lowering your online reputation with a very reputable site.

Self Promotion Makes You Vulnerable
Writing about yourself opens you up to all sorts of problems. Perhaps, you were involved with a notable feat. However, another individual is aware of some less than notable behavior on your part, and decides to share it with the Wikipedia community. They edit your glowing article and add the less than favorable material. They back the material with references. The new edits are viewed by thousands online. Thus, doing more harm than good to your reputation.

Conflict Of Interest
Perhaps, you think that you could easily edit out all the negative information added to your article. Read the conflict of interest policy on Wikipedia. The COI policy places limits on a writer’s ability to edit out negative material from a self promotion article. The article is not yours to edit or delete because you don’t like the content. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid self promotion or face the consequences.

Get Your Wiki
Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia writing site that create the best articles possible for their clients. Their professional writers are experienced writing articles for the small business owner, corporations, non-profits, and individuals.

Let the Get Your Wiki writer’s write quality articles for you that really get noticed. They will write the type of articles that boost your online writing reputation in a legitimate way. They will write, edit, update, and monitor the articles that they write for the client. Contact Get Your Wiki for a free quote.

A Glimpse into James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and current CEO of Highlands Capital Management, a Dallas, Texas-based hedge fund and investment bank. Dondero founded Highlands along with Mark Odaka in 1993. Since its inception, Highlands has had up to $23 billion in assets under management. Part of Dondero’s success has been to come up with creative solutions to problems experienced by companies looking for on-going working and expansion capital. Supplying capital is the primary reason investment banks exist. Sometimes, the financial strength of a company is not strong enough to allow it to borrow using corporate bonds at fesible rates and other terms. Dondero devised a solution he calls the collateralized loan obligation. A CLO is a fund built from various corporate bonds that have been packaged together based on their risk profiles, interest rates, maturities and other factors. By bundling these debts, the risk pool is spread out enabling the borrowing companies to enjoy favorable terms while still being attractive to the usually risk-averse investor. Dondero began his career after graduating from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. His earned his degrees in finance and accounting with honors from both Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Dondero then joined the training program with Morgan Guaranty in 1984 as an analyst. Upon successful completion of the Morgan program, Dondero accepted a position with American Express, first as a corporate bond analyst, but was quickly promoted to portfolio manager with responsibilities for $ 1 billion in fixed income assets. Protective Life approached Dondero in 1989 when if decided to launch its GIC subsidiary. Within four years under Dondero’s leadership, GIC grew to over $2 billion in assets under management. At that point, Dondero decided to leave GIC and with the help of financial backing from Protective Life opened Highlands Capital Management. Highlands Capital today has clients in healthcare, oil and gas, and real estate. Mutual funds, real estate investment trust, and high net-equity individuals are included in their client roster. The company has offices worldwide including Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. It has been named as one of the best companies to work for according to the Dallas Business Journal. Dondero is also active in a number of other businesses. He is the chairman of the board at NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. Dondero is also a board member at American Banknote and MGM Studios and was recently appointed to the board of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. Philanthropy is also important to Dondero. He supports a number of charities in veteran’s issues and education. He is also an outspoken supporter of public affairs and policy in those areas as well as others. In his personal life, Dondero is a fan of Steve Winwood’s unique brand of rock and roll music both as an individual performer and as part of the bands Traffic, Blind Faith and The Spencer Davis Group. Dondero has a reported taste for giraffe jerky and other exotic meats. He lives in one of the 100 most expensive homes in Dallas.