George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid

Soros’ Political Reemergence
The world remembers the prominent George Soros for his significant financial input in the 2004 elections where he spent approximately $27 million in a bid to beat George Bush, the then president of the United States. After 2004, Soros went missing in action during the recently concluded election which marked his reemergence. George Soros donated over $25million aimed at boosting Hillary Clinton’s bid in the presidential candidature in addition to other Democratic causes linked to the Federal Election Commission. The amount was to cover the interviews and fundraising events made to assist Hillary Clinton in winning the just concluded presidential elections. Soros who had amassed an estimated fortune of about $24.9 billion was expected to channel more contribution to the elections.

Soros Supports Hillary Clinton
Although Soros was scheduled to attend the Democratic Convention meeting and witness Hillary Clinton’s presidential U.S. nomination acceptance on Forbes, he had to travel for business and manage the trade and industry situation in Europe. Soros has been a great supporter of Hillary Clinton with 25 years political relationship. With that, Soros was more politically inclined than in the past. He was motivated and believed in Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead the country. Having been a consistent contributor to issues of democracy on, the political stakes of 2016 elections were notably higher. The stakes were before the nominations because Mr. Trump supported the opposite side of all Soros cared about hence his insecurity. The issues ranged from the reformation of criminal justice, immigration, and religious tolerance.

Contribution to Groups and Supporters
Soros’ willingness to see Hillary Clinton beat Trump was evident by his efforts to transform the money spigot to finance Hillary’s campaign team. Compared to other donors, Soros effort roots from his wealth as he is a billionaire. Other elites like Tom Steyer and Don Sossman contributed from San Francisco thanks to Soros. By June, Soros had contributed approximately $7 million in the priorities department in his support to Hillary Clinton. This marked the hugest contribution in the political race at He was meant to give an additional $3 million to the FEC group. The FEC records indicate that Soros contributed an additional $2million to American Bridget, a 21st Century group that has been looking forward to beating Trump in addition to other Republican Candidates. He also channeled $700,000 to a group of Democratic Committees and campaigns.

About George Soros
Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Organization. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundations. Born in 1930, Soros hails from Budapest. He attended London School of Economics and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Soros settled in America and did business to accumulate wealth through international investment. Soros has been an active philanthropist from 1979 when he started donating funds to assist black students with getting an education at Cape Town University. His foundations currently function in over 100 countries. Their yearly expenses surmount $835 million. The organizations work to encourage the worth of open society, transparency, and humanity. George is also the author of several books like Tragedy of European Union, published in 2014. He secured columns in newspapers and magazines where he publishes political posts, economic and humanitarian.

Talking About EOS Lip Balm flavors

There are several different EOS lip balm flavors, and it is important that everyone using the brand has an idea of what they are searching for. They have their own preferences, and they will find each of the three flavors listed below to be exciting. This article explains how each EOS lip balm flavor smells, and there is an explanation of the beautiful colors that accompany each flavor.

#1: Summer Fruit

Every student will enjoy summer fruit because it is the sweet scent of candy they enjoy. It has a soft summery color that will look great coming out of a child’s pocket, and it will help women who wear summer fragrances. Women who use summer fragrances and prefer sweet scents, and they will have a complementary flavor that serves them well.

#2: Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is an interesting flavor that many people are not familiar with it. They will notice that passion fruit has a light scent that is barely perceptible when they use the lip balm, and they will enjoy putting it on because it works with their wardrobe and personality. The lip balm looks lovely, and it smells even better.

#3: Sweet Mint

Sweet mint is a beautiful flavor that will combine the mint that makes the lips tingle and the sweetness that kids want. They will feel as if they are using a special sort of peppermint, and they will enjoy the way it feels going on their lips. Diligent use of the lip balm will make lips comfortable, and the kids will have a minty smell on their breath. The products are available on Well.

#4: Strawberry Honeydew –

It is fun to choose a new lip balm, and someone who wishes to use the lip balms will enjoy their flavors and colors. Each flavor and color is an exciting way for kids to keep their lips soft. For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page.


Removing Barriers at the Kabbalah Centre

Barriers exist at every turn in life. People face barriers in life that can seem insurmountable. This is particularly true when it comes to interpersonal barrier. Interpersonal barriers can make it hard for people to communicate with others effectively. Someone who feels removed from others and unable to communicate with others may feel terrible. Learning how best to overcome such barriers is a task that those at the Kabbalah Centre can help people do. They know that such barriers can make it really hard for people to make connections with others and to form relationships. Forming relationships that are satisfying is part of being part of a larger community and a necessary life task.

Creating Connections

At the Centre, the emphasis is on such connections as a means of being able to create an internal life that is being part of the community at large. They know that many people are naturally reserved. They may want to reach out to others but they don’t even know where to begin this process. At this Spiritual Centre, experts have designed methods that have been proven to help overcome such barriers and create more involved connections. Love is the power they help people find and the power they know that all people can have in their lives even if they have never felt it before.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Relationships

The texts that people study here are texts that are about being able to make important connections. The ancients who helped shape the Kabbalah knew that it is hard to find connections but such connections are vitally important in order to be able to form a web of relationships that will help people love. This is they come to their work each day. They know that it is possible to learn today when they study. They can help people study ancient texts and discover the kind of insights that are still highly relevant today even so many years later in life. This helps people learn to break down the barriers in their live more easily and remove the obstacles that have stood in their way.

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EOS Lip Balm Outselling Other Top Brands

The amazing fact is that EOS Lip Balm is outselling a number of leading brand lip balms. These are brands that have spent decades on the consumer market.  EOS is the little startup that went to war with the leading lip balm brands like Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, Blistex, and won. The EOS or Evolution Of Smooth brand is easy to distinguish from the other leading brand lip balms. It is packaged in a round container, instead of the usual cylindrical container. In addition, it is actually quite a very attractive and charming little container that most women like to carry in their purse or set on their makeup table at home.

Top Seller

A lot of their loyal Facebook fans are wondering about the EOS brand. How did the small startup, manage to outsell the larger brand lip balm companies. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder is a marketing genius. This dedicated professional has spent most of his career in the marketing field. Therefore, it was easy for him to tune in on the type of marketing strategy that would propel his company to the top. Mehra realized early on that all the lip balm companies packaged their product in the same type of container. He saw an opportunity to make the EOS brand unique with a highly recognizable container that would appeal to women. This basic strategy worked. Well, today EOS is the second highest selling lip balm in the country.

Emotional Connection

Mehra is the co-founder of EOS. Of course, he has an emotional connection with their lip balm products. However, he decided that the consumer that has a emotional connection with the product would stay a loyal customer. He used two unique ways to build an emotional connection with the lip balm. First, he made sure that all the consumers’ senses were engaged. Next, he created a tag line that connected with women.

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The Midas Legacy: Changing People’s Lives

There are a lot of things that the Midas Legacy take a lot of pride in, but one of the biggest things they take pride in is their ability to change people’s lives. It is no secret that there are a lot of people out there that are unhappy with their jobs and unhappy with their lot in life. They feel trapped and they feel like they have nowhere to turn in certain situations. It is incredibly frustrating for them. They know they have to take care of their families and it is not like they can just quit their job because the bills keep coming in and they won’t be stopping anytime in the near future.

However, the Midas Legacy, which is a a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, is very good at helping aspiring entrepreneurs. They are there to help each and every step of the way. They know that people will need to make some business decisions and there is a lot of money at stake for a lot of people. That is not something they take lightly or something they overlook or ignore in the big picture. They know they have people’s lives in their hands and they need to do right by them.

The best way to get on the same page with the entrepreneur is to talk to them and find out what kind of business they want to run and what the business plan is. The Midas Legacy is the kind of company that is going to give it to them straight. They are going to tell them everything they need to know and they are not going to leave anything out. They are not going to pretend and they are not going to tell them just what they want to hear. They are going to tell them the truth about the situation they are in at that particular moment.

Once they have the facts and the information at hand, they will tell them what is necessary for the company to succeed and all of the steps they need to take for the business to thrive. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take time and it is a risk, but when one really thinks about it, without the risk, there is no reward. The Midas Legacy also does a great job of minimizing the risk and maximizing the reward.

Having the Professional Expertise of Securus

It is a wonderful thing for you to use a company like Securus for your communication needs. The prison system in America does not make it easy for people to keep in touch with each other because security is a major role to be played. If security is a problem, you simply will not be able to see your loved one and this could hinder the communication that you both have with each other. This is why it is important for you to use a company like Securus for this specific purpose.


Security something that you will find to be one of the best options in your entire life and their current multi-state campaign is allowing people in your situation to learn more about the video visitation at the offer. Video visitation is something that will be incredibly beneficial in your own life because of the fact that it allows you to feel confident in all that it is able to do for you. This is why a lot of people begin to use Securus as much as they can because of the fact that it allows them to finally close the gap that has been keeping them from keeping in touch with a loved one.


It is a wonderful thing for you to begin using Securus for your own personal benefit. My own experience using this company has been a wonderful one and this is why I tell a lot of individuals that this is something they can benefit from as well. It is also very easy for you to begin using no matter how you want to utilize it in your own life. You can use it every single day if this is something that you would like or you can use it once a week or once a month depending on how often you would like to keep in touch with your loved one.


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Securus Technologies


Eric Pulier Has Shed Light On His Success And How to Achieve It

Eric Pulier is very successful in the field of technology and business, and has earned himself a fortune through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Eric Pulier is also keen on public speaking and writing on various topics as a way of sharing his knowledge with others. Eric’s advice is regularly sought after due to the level of success he has achieved and his impressive track record in the industry. Eric has always had a strong focus on technology, and he showed his interest in the field ever since he was a boy in elementary school. Before making it to high school, Eric had already being programming and building his very own computer, and today, he has managed to successful found and sell more than a dozen different companies.

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur and businessman, Eric’s knowledge is highly sought after, and luckily for many aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Eric is keen on sharing his knowledge. Eric has talked about the success he has achieved and what others can do to achieve the same success. Given that Eric started out with very little, others can gain what he did in the same situation. According to Eric, the most important thing to is take things one step at a time and not to become overwhelmed with the obstacles or risks ahead. Being persistent about reaching one’s goals and taking small steps will eventually bring success.

Eric has also expressed the importance of being innovative and thinking ahead of the current trends in the market. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, they must be able to create a product or service that an consumer wants that is unique and in need, otherwise it will get lost in the market along with the various competitors. Perhaps most imporantly, failure is a part of any process or job, what is most important is learning from that failure to make more informed decisions and achieve success.

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The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

There are some people who always seem to be ahead of the game. Eric Lefkofsky has done a great job of taking things to the next level in a variety of ways in his life. When he was in business, a lot of people looked up to the success that he has in a short period of time. Over the long term, a lot of people want to try out what he can do in their life. He has a large social media presence, and many people today read everything that they can about what he writes. With all of the new change in the market today, Eric Lefkofsky is ready to take things to the next level.

Eric Lefkofsky

From the looks of things, Eric Lefkofsky leads a great life. Even though he has a lot of money, and he has a successful business, he still works a lot of long hours. There are a lot of people who wonder aloud about whether he should work as many hours as he does. However, he is driven to succeed at a higher level than most people. With this success, he has to make a positive impact on the world. He gives a lot of his time and money to charities for causes that he believes in. This is something that he will continue to do in the years ahead. If you want to learn how to lead an effective life like he has, there are a variety of things that you can start today.


Disruptive change is coming to the economy over the next couple of years. Many people will be surprised by how many jobs are created and destroyed by technology. If you want to be prepared financially, you need to start preparing now. Having the ability to adapt to changes within the economy is one of the most important skills that anyone can have. Over the long term, it is the people who can adapt who are the ones that will survive and thrive in the new economy. This is something that Eric Lefkofsky talks about a lot on social media. There are a lot of people who are now excited about what he has to say on the subject.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a lot of people who listen to what Eric Lefkofsky has to say on a variety of subjects. If you want to learn how to adapt in the new economy, start readying what he is writing on social media. This is the perfect place for people to start if you are just learning about this subject. There are a lot of great things that Eric Lefkofsky is doing in the local area. With all of the changes that will happen with disruptive technology, it is best to start preparing now. Eric Lefkofsky can help you in that process, especially with all of the great knowledge that he has on the topic. Start working today to make an impact in the future for yourself.

Lefkofsky’s book, Accelerated Disruption.

Cotemar Looks to Terminate its Operations in the Mexican Gulf

Cotemar Looks to Terminate its Operations in the Mexican Gulf
Cotemar is the Campeche Sound Oil Platform Company. Cotemar announced that it would end its operations in the Mexico Gulf in November this year. This led to an end of thousands of service men operations.

Cotemar is an Oil Exploration Company in the Mexican Gulf
Cotemar was established in 1979. It supplies offshore development oil platforms with the necessary rehabilitation and maintenance services. The company formerly operated in the strategic Campeche sound hydrocarbons reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico. Cotemar also provides accommodation and catering services that sustain the offshore oil platform operations. The company recently acquired water vessels from the Grandweld Shipyards. The large Aluminum Crew Boats offer broader deck space, VIP accommodation, and luxury seating. The vessels currently operate in the Gulf of Mexico helping the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Coast Guard. The boats can carry hundreds of oil workers and attain great speeds.

Cotemar formerly operated the Safe Regency, Safe Britannia, and the Safe Lancia offshore oil rigs
Cotemar aims to cut down its management costs after the recent contract termination by the government-owned oil distributor known as Pemex. Pemex has withdrawn the latest agreements in which the state-owned company had granted Cotemar with the triple oil platform contract. Cotemar had been operating the Safe Lancia, Safe Britannia, and the Safe Regency. The oil platforms operations are getting stopped due to an increase in the global price of oil refinements. Prosafe deals in the global hire of several semi-submergible oil platforms. Prosafe is working towards ending the operations of the three offshore oil rigs. The three oil rigs will be transported to warehouses in the United States.

Global Oil Prices are projected to Escalate
The actions have messed Cotemar greatly. Cotemar intends to stop serving Pemex. The contract termination is also understood to increase the global crude oil price of twenty-five dollars per oil drum. This will further extrapolate crude oil refinement costs. Cotemar will maintain its operations with Pemex despite the fact that the company will have to wait for supplementary government oil projects. Withdrawal from the Mexican Gulf is expected to impact Ciudad del Carmen gravely. Work termination will end the service of thousands of employees further extending the unemployment situation of the Ciudad Del Carmen industrial island city.

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Discovering WEN Products

WEN is essentially a series of products that were created by Chaz Dean to help restore hair to its perfect natural state. These products were produced to capture and display hair in its finest condition. The products created in WEN’s hair care line are created without damaging sulfates that lather and destroy hair’s natural oils and nutrients. Lathering helps to ensure that hair is stripped of its natural oils, color, shine, strength, and moisture. That is why WEN creator, Chaz Dean, has chosen not to display shampoos in his line of hair care products. Instead, these products are directly aimed toward restoring moisture and boosting shine.

WEN was born in a backyard garden when Chaz Dean ( decided that he would pick and experiment with sage, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, apples, bananas and pears. With these ingredients, he decided that he would shower with them and that is where the idea for WEN was born. His hair felt refreshingly clean and undeniably healthy after just one use. After this experience, Chaz coupled with a non-lathering lab and created the products you see on the WEN hair care line. Once clinically test, the products were released to the public for sale.

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